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Vaquitas Are Vanishing



It is estimated that there are fewer than 30 vaquita left in the entire world. It is now the most endangered marine mammal on the planet.

This small, cute porpoise, which lives off the coast of Mexico, is dangerously endangered, due in large part to illegal fishing in the area and the "ghost gear" left behind.

Illegal Nets Are Killers

Abandoned and lost fishing nets and gear injure and entangle the vaquita and other marine animals, which leads to drowning. The vaquita have been killed in mass quantities due to these illegal fishing nets.

World Animal Protection has been on the scene at the Sea of Cortez, where the few remaining vaquita live, providing expertise on the removal of these illegal nets in the region. We've partnered with Monterey Bay Diving to locate these nets with advanced sonar scanning technology.

Help Needed

Please support us in this critical mission. Your help is urgently needed to save the last of the vaquita, and protect animals around the world.

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