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ON THE COVER - Come To Cool Places

Payson: 'The Pause That Refreshes'

This issue's photos and article from Margie Anderson highlight one of the "coolest" areas of our state: Payson and its nearby delights, including fascinating trails, water falls, cool pools, and well-known destinations such as the Tonto Natural Bridge. She reminds us all that we need not stay put in the Valley of the Sun all summer long. We have options. Wonderful, refreshing options!

Land Cruising - Rainbow Bridge Gains Designation - The National Park Service has designated Rainbow Bridge a Traditional Cultural Property, recognizing the site's historic and ongoing cultural significance to at least six American Indian tribes.

Western Wildlife - Fewer Than 30 Vaquitas Remain - It is estimated that there are fewer than 30 vaquita left in the entire world. It is now the most endangered marine mammal on the planet.


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