RV's From The Past

Now THESE Were Outdoor Times!


Today, the 2017 versions of recreational vehicles, camping and diving equipment are a far cry from these early versions. We have progressed to the stage of "near-luxury" in all of these products for enjoying the outdoors. But, are we having more fun? We may be safer, faster, and better looking, but my guess is that that the folks shown in these photos were loving the chances they had to be with nature - maybe even more so because less was done for them (think electronically) and they had more hands-on tasks and projects and were closer to nature. Yep, I think they did just fine, and because of them, we have learned and continued to pursue some of the activities they enjoyed. Progress in equipment? Oh, sure. Progress in enjoyment? I seriously doubt that.

Photographer Unknown

This is a travel tent accessory built in 1910.


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