On The Cover May 2017 - So Many Watersports, So Little Time


If one were to fill a "bucket list" with all the Watersports he or she would like to try, it would no doubt overflow. Have you ever stopped to consider how many ways - besides traditional boating, waterskiing, wakeboarding, fishing, and swimming - there are to enjoy the water.

Starting just with categories, we have "in the water (e.g., snorkeling and water polo), "on the water (e.g., cable skiing, body boarding)", "under water (e.g., diving and spear fishing)", to name just a few. That list literally just scratches the surface.

Over the twelve years we have been publishing Arizona Boating & Watersports/Western Outdoor Times, we have tried to include some of the myriad of ways people enjoy our waters. This issue features a favorite: wake surfing - and right here at home.

BOATING - Be Sure To Clean, Drain, And Dry

Boaters are reminded of the importance of decontaminating their watercraft and equipment before leaving some waters.

WATERSPORTS - Swimmers Can Minimize Discomfort

There have been recent reports of "swimmers' itch" at some desert lakes. There are some preventative measures that swimmers and families can take.


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