Fur And Feather Offers Sanctuary To Homeless Animals

This rescue is opening a thrift story and needs your help via GoFundMe and/or donations.

Fur And Feather Animal Rescue

Click on this picture to go to the Fur And Feather Animal Rescue GoFundMe page.

The original founders of Fur and Feather Animal Assistance have been helping animals in rural Catron County, N.M., for more than a decade. Despite being the largest county in New Mexico, there is no animal control, so our work is critical.

In addition to spaying and neutering more than 1,500 animals since 2003 and matching hundreds of animals with loving families, Fur and Feather is dedicated to rescuing lost and abandoned animals, stepping in when pet owners pass away or become incapable of caring for their fur babies. Needless to say, we are hard at work improving the conditions and lives of our animals on a daily basis.

Relies On Small Grants, Donations

Our animal rescue relies on small grants and community donations to keep our program able to succeed. Opening a thrift store benefiting the animals will allow us the sustainability we need to achieve our long-term goals for the nonprofit, without solely relying on donations.

Fur and Feather Gallery and Thrift will be located in Quemado, N.M., and act as an information and event center as well as a thrift store. Under the guidance of both Sarah Ross (F+F CEO) and Nicole Long (Store Manager and Grants), the location will eventually host several community events such as family movie night, Farm to Fork Fundraisers, Animal Meet and Greet Days, and more! 

The profits from the store will go towards improving pens, expanding our 90-acre sanctuary, and making sure we have all the necessities to provide these animals with a safe and secure loving home.

Donations And Go Fund Me

Fur and Feather Animal Assistance, Inc (FFAA.INC) is now one of the largest sanctuaries in the State of New Mexico for small animals. We average anywhere from 55-70 or more dogs at any given time depending on our intake and number of adoptions.  Our cat population averages around 100, and even though most of them are up for adoption, many of the cats we take in will spend their lives living with us.

Our store will be accepting donations of food, bedding, toys, fencing, building materials, gently used clothing, tools, fabric, craft items, art and more.  This campaign will provide us with startup cost for Fur and Feather Gallery and Thrift.

Along with permits and licensing, we will need things like hangars, racks, tags and other basic retail items to function on a daily basis. Please help us reach our goal of $1000 for store-opening expenses.

Please Copy, Paste, And Share

Please consider donating - even a small amount - to help these animal caregivers succeed. Also, copying, pasting, and sharing the following URL will be a huge benefit to Fur And Feather: https://www.gofundme.com/fur-and-feather-animal-thrift

Editor's Note: Several years ago, our Uncle Jack became unable to care for his two dogs. Since the family was moving him from New Mexico to Arizona, they needed a place to take-in "Shadow" and "Puppy". At the time, the late Laurie Beauchamp was in charge at Fur and Feather, and she welcomed our uncle's dogs. Although our uncle passed recently, we have wanted to support this wonderful facility and honor the memory of its founder Laurie. We are inviting those who wish to honor Jack Fitch to join us, either in direct donation or through the Go Fund Me site mentioned above.


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