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2017 Medical Exam Room Building Project: Will You Help?

This year, we want to fulfill Laurie's Dream.

A few years before Fur and Feather Animal Assistance's http://furandfeather.org/ founder Laurie Beauchamp passed away in 2015, she had a dream to raise the funds to build a new office with an exam/clean room, bathing station and supply storage on the property.

She had plans drawn and talked about ways to raise the money to get the supplies. She spoke with volunteers on how to create a work party to erect the building and help with the finish work.

But this was not to be. Laurie became too sick to work on her dream and she left this world, after a long battle with cancer.

It has been over a year since her passing and with a lot of patience and hard work, the time has come to get Laurie's Dream building done.

Starting in January 2017, our building supply campaign got underway by applying for grants, opening a Go Fund Me account, seeking donations at events, planning a fundraiser and looking for a foundation of volunteers. We really want you to help us with Laurie's Dream.

Please contact Sarah Ross at furandfeatheranimalassistance@gmail.com or 575-773-4674.


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