Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

SHOT Show - Day Two

If anything, the show is even busier today. There are always long lines at the registration booths, and the aisles are bustling. We found some great products for all kinds of outdoor sports today - here are a few.

Personal Security Products (PS Products) has a full line of non-lethal self defense products. The Pit Bull Keyring is something anyone could carry all the time. It's shaped like an animal head with sharp ears,

and has a couple of holes for your fingers. If a mugger comes up and attacks you, just rake him with those ears. They also have a great selection of zap guns - everything from pistol shapes to flashlights to canes, all with enough power to stun your attacker long enough for you to get away. The cane has a flashlight in the handle as well. They also have a bunch of different ways to carry pepper spray, including a small carabiner version that I really liked. You could keep this on your belt loop and have it handy any time. They even have a device that can turn your hat into a self defense tool. Check out their stuff at


One of the coolest things we saw this morning is the Stowaway Tools by Klecker Knives. You choose a phone case for your cell phone, then choose from a variety of tools - pick your favorite four and keep them right there on your phone, handy all day. The variety of tools that will go in this phone case is huge - everything from scissors to combs to pliers. There are several companies who make small tools that go in various holders, and almost all of those tools will fit in this as well. You should go to http://www.stowawaytools.com/> http://www.stowawaytools.com right away and start picking out your favorites.

Megaboom is a system that turns empty plastic bottles into supersonic targets. You simply screw the bottle into the Megaboom stand, attach the pump and get it to 120 PSI, then use it for a target. When you hit the bottle, it tears and that sound becomes super loud. If you add cornstarch to the bottle before pumping, it creates a very satisfying cloud plus the noise when you hit the target. So much fun! The guy behind these

teaches science to kids at science camps, so he knows how to make things fun. The stainless steel model is $40, polycarbon is $32, and you can get little orange caps that do pretty much the same thing at 5 for $15. With the caps, though, they'll fly off and you may never see them again! See all this fun stuff at http://www.doalloutdoors.com.

Piexon has the perfect solution for hikers, campers, fishermen and even birders who spend time in bear country. The JPX Jet Protectors are pistol-shaped, but they fire blasts of pepper spray rather than bullets. You can get them on Amazon for $340, which sounds like a lot for something you hope you never have to use. But compared to getting mauled by a bear or attacked by a mugger, it seems more reasonable. The pepper spray is in cartridges, and the replacements are $34. Because of the pistol shape, it's much easier to hit your target, and you don't get blowback spray like you can so easily get with those little spray cans. The trigger is stiff on purpose, and if you have trouble pulling the trigger there is plenty of room in the guard for two fingers. Training cartridges are available so you can get the hang of it. Check these out on Amazon. You can see their whole line at http://www.piexon.com, but you can't buy there.

We still have two days to go, and we're on the hunt for things for all types of sports - fishing, camping, birding, hiking, RV-ing and even spectator sports. We'll have more for you tomorrow.


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