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'Mutts' Are A 'Mixed' Blessing

And, they not only live longer but also you get the best of both (or more) worlds.


September 1, 2016 | View PDF

Two Lost Our Home pets were recently featured on local television to raise awareness about National Mutt Day. Kim Scott, a dedicated, committed and all around wonderful LOH Volunteer, escorted Gunner, a Dalmation and cattledog mix and mix-breed Rae to Channel 3 and Fox 10 TV to talk about the benefits of loving and adopting a "mutt".

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

According to research, there are several good reasons to owning a mixed-breed dog. They include the following:

· You get the best of both worlds since you get the best qualities out of multiple breeds, making mixed breeds some of the smartest, and well-behaved dogs.

· Mix breeds on average, live 14 years, while pure breeds usually make it to 10 years.

· Mutts and mixed breed dogs are usually less expensive than pure breeds, and you often save the life of an animal at a shelter.

So celebrate mutts and adopt today!


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