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'Mutts' Are A 'Mixed' Blessing

And, they not only live longer but also you get the best of both (or more) worlds.


September 1, 2016

Two Lost Our Home pets were recently featured on local television to raise awareness about National Mutt Day. Kim Scott, a dedicated, committed and all around wonderful LOH Volunteer, escorted Gunner, a Dalmation and cattledog mix and mix-breed Rae to Channel 3 and Fox 10 TV to talk about the benefits of loving and adopting a "mutt".

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

According to research, there are several good reasons to owning a mixed-breed dog. They include the following:

· You get the best of both worlds since you get the best qualities out of multiple breeds, making mixed breeds some of the smartest, and well-behaved dogs.

· Mix breeds on average, live 14 years, while pure breeds usually make it to 10 years.

· Mutts and mixed breed dogs are usually less expensive than pure breeds, and you often save the life of an animal at a shelter.

So celebrate mutts and adopt today!


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