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Day At The Docks - IGFA Honors 'Boots On The Ground' Volunteers

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Day at the Docks, the traditional kick-off to the San Diego Sportfishing fleet’s season, hosted a record breaking crowd of anglers and their families – both tourists and locals – April 17. A near

picture-perfect spring day greeted the throng to exhibits, boat tours, rides, food, games (dunking the captains), and, perhaps most important, kids’ fishing.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was the presentation of the “Class of 2016” IGFA Honorees. IGFA Trustee Michael Farrior introduced the recipients of the highly-coveted Certificates of Appreciation by noting

that the honorees were token representatives in their own right of the huge “boots on the ground” volunteer community that serves sportfishing, both in California and beyond.

The first to receive the honor was Captain Vic Gamboa, a familiar face in the Sportfishing community. “Not only does he assist Catherine Miller on those projects produced to benefit the San Diego Sportfishing Council including Day at the Docks, but he also works tirelessly on the annual Young Anglers Tournament and the ongoing Partnership in an Education program with San Diego schools,” said Farrior.

Next, Farrior cited Ali Hussainy, President/CEO of BD Outdoors, the largest saltwater website in the world, who supports sportfishing in many ways. He was honored for his dedication to conservation and preservation of the resource. “As a leader in the fight against the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) in California, Hussainy also serves on the ASA Communications Committee, designing, developing and marketing SaveCaFishing.org while raising more than $100,000 for the MLPA battle. He organizes youth programs, charity activities, Wounded Warrior fishing events and a BD blood drive,” said IGFA Trustee Farrior.

Gary Graham, Award Winning Photo Journalist was honored for “his outstanding contributions to the angling community at large as a highly-respected Representative of the International Game Fish Association, Award-winning career including Outdoor Writer of the Year as a Photo Journalist, Active Conservationist, California Hall of Fame Inductee and Multiple Saltwater Tournament Winner.”

Graham’s support of the sportfishing community over the past six decades has impacted California, Baja and Mainland Mexico.

Jason Hayashi, who was unable to attend because of a death in the family, founded the fishing forum on Bloodydecks.com in 2003 as a place where anglers could speak their minds without fear of censorship. Along

with Hussainy, he has seen Bloodydecks and BD Outdoors grow. Hayashi also is an integral part of BD’s sister company, FishDope.Com, a subscription service offering satellite and fishing info.

“Each of these recipients is proud of their individual sportfishing heritage; and each has promoted and defended the sport to be handed down to generations to come,” concluded Farrior.


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