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Arizona Game And Fish Realigns Wildlife Branches To Improve Efficiency

PHOENIX -- The Arizona Game and Fish Department is restructuring programs to improve the agency’s conservation and protection of Arizona’s wildlife. This restructuring is the result of the Department’s continuing improvement strategy and will take effect in January 2016.

The new comprehensive wildlife management structure consolidates conservation efforts into two branches, Terrestrial Wildlife Branch and Aquatic Wildlife Branch, focusing on the Department’s science-based management of all 800 species of wildlife in Arizona.

Kurt Davis, Chairman of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission shared, “The Department recognizes and endorses our traditional wildlife programs of game and nongame management to include our fisheries resources, our habitat maintenance responsibility and the need to keep common species common. This action expands the Department’s capacity to manage all wildlife, in our diverse ecological heritage."

“This improved structure enables our talented workforce to use the best science to conserve and protect Arizona’s incredible array of wildlife species,” said Department Director Larry D. Voyles. “In an era of shrinking fiscal resources, this realignment follows Governor Doug Ducey’s direction that government should be lean, efficient and effective. Realignment gives the Department greater financial flexibility while increasing efficiency.”

The Department’s primary responsibility is the conservation and protection of wildlife, while fiscal responsibility is also a high priority. The agency receives no Arizona general fund tax dollars. By carefully managing its resources and personnel and operating as a business, the Arizona Game and Fish Department is able to deliver world-class wildlife conservation at no cost to the Arizona taxpayer. For more information, visit http://www.azgfd.gov.


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