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Salt River Horses

Forest Supervisor Postpones Action On Horses


September 1, 2015

Salt River Horses

Tonto National Forest Supervisor Neil Bosworth has further postponed any action regarding the horses on the Salt River for at least 120 days (from Aug. 18). 

"I have decided to postpone any Forest Service action associated with the impound notice for at least 120 days. Over the coming months, I hope to work with the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group and with other interested parties and stakeholders to try to find a collaborative solution to address the Salt River Horses" said Bosworth. 

"In addition, I am committing to provide the public and interested parties with at least 30 days' notice prior to the Forest Service taking any actions associated with the impound notice." 

 The horses on the Salt River have generated an overwhelming outpouring of comments and questions.  The Forest is attempting to respond to public questions and concerns by posting questions and answers on the Tonto National Forest Horse Frequently Asked Questions Web page. 

In addition, you can find news releases and the statement made by Neil Bosworth on the Tonto National Forest Homepage.


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