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Hunting and Angling Heritage Workgroup - Update

Next Step - Retention

Dove Season is September 1-15 and it is a great “Next Step” opportunity for your past participants, contacts and members of your organizations. The bag limit for mourning dove has been raised to 15 birds per day, with a possession limit of 45 birds, after the 3rd day. White-winged doves are still 10 per day, with 30 total in possession. This makes for lots of shooting opportunities and a larger harvest for the grill. Take this opportunity to send a quick email reminder to your contact list and encourage them to go. Everything they need to know about dove season and hunting are at http://www.azgfd.gov/dove.

As a note, we are doing a multimedia outreach campaign (attached), so you might hear our radio ads on KUPD, or see our posters at a local sporting goods store and see tons of Facebook posts that you can share about the 15 reasons to go, and we’re also looking at 15 recipes for dove.

Dove Events

We have a number of dove hunting events going on this year as well, so if you know someone new to hunting, here are some places they can get started.

· Sept. 4 & 5: Safford Youth Dove Hunting Clinic and Hunt, Devin Skinner, (520) 591-7880, dskinner@azgfd.gov

· Sept. 5: Robbins Butte Mentored Youth Dove Hunt, Registration required: http://www.youthoutdoorsunlimited.com

· Sept. 6: Youth Only Dove Hunting Area, Robbins Butte Wildlife Area (walk in, self-serve)

· Sept. 9 & 12: Youth/Family Dove Hunt CJ Biller Memorial Registration required: http://www.youthoutdoorsunlimited.com

· Sept. 11 &12: Tucson Adult Beginner Dove Hunt, Karen Klima, kklima@azgfd.gov

All of these are posted are listed on our HAHWG Outdoor Skills Google Calendar at http://www.azgfd.gov/outdoorskills.

Mentors Needed

We are looking for some mentors for the Sept. 5 Robbins Butte Mentored Dove hunt. If you can help with safe shotgunning, dove identification, and mentoring, contact Scott Pike at scott@youthoutdoorsunlimited.com.

Other Opportunities

Jim Solomon at Cabela’s is hosting a “Game Skinning / Game Processing” seminar Sept. 26 and Oct. 10 – this is a great class and is demonstrated on a goat or other similar animal for true training. If you know someone who is going deer or elk hunting, this is a great course for them to get familiar with the process.

Event Needs

For all you event hosts for the upcoming season, please let me know if there are any resources or assistance you will need so I can start getting you taken care of, such as: porta potties, ammo, signage, contacts of other resources, etc. October is a super busy month, with nearly a dozen events, so the earlier I know the better.

HAPPY HUNTING and thanks for all you do! You’re the tip of the spear AND leading the nation!


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