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Biscuit Needs A Home

This is my kitty Biscuit. She wandered into my yard as a kitten five years ago. I've been her caretaker ever since. She loves attention; can't get enough from me. She is shy with a new person for a day or so, then wants that person's attention, too. I don't know how she'd be with other cats or dogs, but she loves people once she knows they're okay. Since she picked me as her caretaker, I promised her she'd always have a home. Now I am leaving the country, and I need to find her a place. She is spayed and vaccinated. She has also been on Frontline this year. I will donate, not money but $200 worth of pet food of your choice and $200 worth of cat accessories to the cat lover who will adopt her. I will also have her chipped before adoption, if desired.

Andrew Coonce, D.V.M.

(480) 296-3128 cell (please no texts! I can't text!) or Tempe Veterinary Hospital (480) 966-0391


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