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Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

Pet Food Bank Supports Families In Need

You've probably heard of, and even supported food banks for people, but did you know there are pet food banks as well? In addition to being a no-kill shelter that saves hundreds of pets annually, Lost Our Home Pet Rescue also has a Pet Food Bank.

Many Had To Choose Between Kids And Pets

Executive Director Jodi Polanski states, "When I started this rescue in 2008 I saw many families struggling during the financial crisis. We were being asked to take in pets from families who wanted to keep their beloved family member, but simply couldn't afford to feed them. They were being forced to choose between feeding their kids and feeding their pets. We started the Pet Food Bank for this reason."

Families in need can apply to the food bank, and once approved, can receive pet food and supplies for their cats and dogs for up to six months. Polanski states, "This service has helped many families through a time of crisis, and allowed them to get back on their feet and keep their family, including their pets, together."

Supported Through Donations

The food bank is supported entirely through donations from the community. Lost Our Home receives dog and cat food, cat litter, pet treats, and other pet supplies almost daily at the shelter. Sadly, the donations received are not keeping up with the community need.

"We feed several hundred pets monthly, and we never turn away anyone who qualifies, but we have had to ask people to wait two or more weeks while our food supplies are replenished. Our concern is pets may be going hungry during that time," states Michelle Lewis, director of operations for Lost Our Home.

Please Tell Us

To qualify, you should be prepared to explain to staff why the need for assistance exists now, and what steps you are taking to resolve your current situation. Lost Our Home is full of compassionate people who do their best to help everyone they can.

How To Donate

You can make pet food and clumping cat litter donations at Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, 2323 S. Hardy Dr., Tempe, AZ 85282. We accept all types of food so we are able to supply families with the same food they currently feed their pet.

Lost Our Home also has a "Wish List" on Amazon.com for those who prefer to click and shop.


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