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African Safari In Arizona

If an authentic African safari sounds like the ultimate adventure, then head to Camp Verde, Ariz., for an unforgettable visit to Out of Africa Wildlife Park, located just 45 minutes north of Anthem and 30 minutes south of Sedona ,3 miles west of I-17.

It's not a zoo or a circus, but rather a natural wildlife habitat where owners Dean and Prayeri Harrison have adopted a unique and respectful way of interacting with hundreds of wild-by-nature animals on a 104-acre setting replicating Africa. While many of its inhabitants are indigenous to Africa, the park features many other animals from around the world.

What makes Out of Africa so special is the carefully nurtured human/animal relationship developed from the animal's point of view. All shows and habitats were designed to stimulate natural behavior. In the simplest terms, the animals can be themselves. This respectful approach allows visitors to discover how instincts, intellect, and feeling combine to form this spontaneous behavior.

At the Tiger Splash show, the staff interacts with majestic tigers as they "hunt" colorful toys in a predatory/prey relationship and take breathtaking leaps in their aquatic playpen.

Like all shows, education and entertainment are never at odds. Visitors to the Giant Snake show can pet or hold a giant anaconda and a huge python. Grizzly bears, laughing hyenas, and others thrill audiences during the Wonders of Wildlife show. Some of the best photos come during the Predator Feed, when 800 pounds of raw food is fed to hungry carnivores.

Hitch a ride on the African Bush Safari, where park experts narrate as they drive visitors through the spacious Serengeti preserve of giraffe, zebra, antelope, and many more. Get your cameras ready, because this is as close and personal as it gets! Giraffe are more than eager to grab a treat from your hand or even from your mouth for the brave of heart.

Speaking of cameras, you will notice many photo platforms around the park. These unobstructed platforms allow you to photograph some of your favorite animals without the fence. All of this is covered with your general admission.

For an additional fee, you can even Feed-a-Tiger, tour the Serengeti in an Authentic Unimog (off-road) vehicle, try the 3-hour VIP, or even soar above the animals on the Predator Zip Line. Learn more at http://www.outofafricapark.com or call (928) 567-2840.


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