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Stainless Steel Anchor And Chair Offer form And Function

Just like diamonds, stainless steel is forever.

Combining beauty and strength, stainless steel Rocna™ anchors and Titan™ Chain from Canada Metal (Pacific) offer yacht owners the best of both worlds when meeting their anchoring needs.

Not only is the stainless steel Rocna anchor stunning, but independent tests have shown it consistently outperforms more traditional designs in a variety of sea beds. All stainless steel Rocna anchors have a high tensile shank. While costly, Rocna refuses to compromise on this important component.

A top performer in all bottom types, these anchors offer super high holding power. Rock solid with no moving parts, the need for complex adjustment systems and potentially dangerous failure points is eliminated. Rocna anchors, known for their industry-leading holding power and very quick sets, require similarly rugged and durable shackles and chain for optimum safety and performance.

Titan AISI 316L G50 Stainless Steel Chain is designed to offer superior corrosion resistance, appearance and strength. Made in Germany, each link is precisely calibrated to meet current DIN 766 windlass specifications. Rated at G50, it has a much higher strength than more traditional 316 stainless steel chain. It's manufactured with an extra treatment to provide exceptionally smooth and clean surfaces so that even a yacht's chain appears glamourous.

Rocna anchors are available in sizes from 4-275 kg (9-606 lbs.), matching everything from small runabouts to superyachts. Titan AISI 316L G50 Stainless Steel Chain is offered in sizes of 6 mm and 8 mm.


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