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Fire Restrictions In effect At Arizona Game and Fish Department Wildlife Areas

The Arizona Game and Fish Department implemented Stage 1 fire restrictions at all department wildlife areas on April 18. The restrictions are part of the restrictions issued by the Arizona State Forestry Division on state-owned and state-managed lands outside incorporated municipalities due to the increased risk of wildfire in the state.

Stage 1 restrictions mean that no open fires are allowed - including campfires and wood or charcoal-burning stoves and barbecues. Smoking is prohibited except within an enclosed vehicle or building or developed recreation site. Welding or operating acetylene or other torch devices with open flames is prohibited, as are fireworks.

Increase In Fire Numbers

"The state has seen an increase in the number of wildfires in the last few weeks, with most being human-caused," said State Forester Scott Hunt of the Arizona State Forestry Division. "Implementing fire restrictions will reduce the threat of wildfire to communities and to natural resources; Arizona residents can do their part in preventing human-caused fires by following the fire restrictions guidelines for state-owned and state-managed lands."

The State Forester's fire restrictions cover all unincorporated state-owned and state-managed lands south of the Grand Canyon, including all state trust lands, all Game and Fish wildlife areas, all Arizona state parks (state parks will remain open with campfires allowed in developed campgrounds; please visit http://azstateparks.com for more information), and all Arizona Department of Transportation highway right-of-way property not owned by federal land management agencies.

Wildlife Areas Affected

Although Game and Fish wildlife areas are under fire restrictions, the areas remain open, offering an excellent outdoor recreation experience, and you can still use gas and propane stoves and lanterns at this time.

The restrictions apply to the following wildlife areas -

Alamo Wildlife Area

Allen Severson Memorial Wildlife Area

Aravaipa Wildlife Area

Arlington Wildlife Area

Base and Meridian Wildlife Area

Becker Lake Wildlife Area

Bog Hole Wildlife Area

Chevelon Canyon Wildlife Area

Chevelon Creek Wildlife Area

Cibola Wildlife Area

Clarence May Wildlife Area

Cluff Ranch Wildlife Area

Colorado River Nature Center

Fool Hollow Lake Wildlife Area

House Rock Wildlife Area

Jacques Marsh Wildlife Area

Lamar Haines Wildlife Area

Luna Lake Wildlife Area

Mittry Lake Wildlife Area

Powers Butte Wildlife Area

Quigley Wildlife Area

Raymond Wildlife Area

Robbins Butte Wildlife Area

Roosevelt Lake Wildlife Area

Santa Rita Wildlife Area

Sipe White Mountain Wildlife Area

Springerville Marsh Wildlife Area

Sunflower Flat Wildlife Area

Three Bar Wildlife Area

Tucson Mountain Wildlife Area

Upper Verde River Wildlife Area

Wenima Wildlife Area

White Mountain Grasslands Wildlife Area

Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area

Willcox Playa Wildlife Area

Outdoor recreationists should also be aware that fire restrictions went into effect on April 18 on certain other lands, including the Coconino, Kaibab, Prescott and Tonto national forests. Check the Web sites of the forest you will be visiting for more information.

For More Information

For more information about fire restrictions, please visit the fire restrictions website at http://firerestrictions.us/az. Additional information about the Arizona State Forestry Division and the Notice of Fire Restrictions may be found at http://www.azsf.gov.

For a list of Game and Fish wildlife areas, directions, and the wildlife you might see at those areas, visit http://www.azgfd.gov/outdoor_recreation/WildlifeViewingAreas.shtml.


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