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In Memory Of Muffin Man

THANK YOU – Not always the case with all cats, Muffin Man Brookes was a friend of and to everyone who was part of his life – even those who aren't "cat people." In fact, all one needed to do was walk in Muffin's Person's front door, and he or she would be immediately greeted and "expected" to give full attention to him. His meow was interesting, to say the least, but his purr was one of the most soothingly beautiful ever heard. And, it was constant. Muffin Man said goodbye on April 4, 2014 after a long life with Chelle Brookes, who cared for him for many years and with complete love. We send our sympathy to Muffin's many, many friends and his family -- but especially to his Chelle. Thank you for being such a friend, little Muffin, and for many wonderful memories of our times together.


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