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Could You Come To The Rescue Of A Bear Like Doru

For Doru your help can’t come soon enough. He’s trapped in a tiny cage at a rundown zoo in Romania. Each and every day is the same. Sitting listlessly on the bare concrete floor. Staring through the metal bars. The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) needs you to help rescue bears like Doru by entering our Big Bear Raffle today.

We must act now. Every raffle ticket you buy could be a ticket to freedom for a bear like Doru who has known nothing but captivity and suffering their entire life. Every raffle ticket you buy today could help give Doru the life he deserves. By playing WSPA’s Big Bear Raffle today you could:

Nurse bears back to health: just £24 could provide a week’s worth of veterinary supplies for a rescued bear

Feed a rescued bear: just £36 could buy food and vitamins for a rescued bear for about two weeks

Bring a bear to freedom: just £48 could help transport a bear from their horrific cages, to a new life at the WSPA-funded sanctuary.

Please enter WSPA’s Big Bear Raffle today. You could win £10,000 but more importantly, you could give a traumatised, imprisoned bear like Doru a new life of freedom at the WSPA-funded sanctuary.

You could help WSPA to rescue Doru and bears like him by playing our Big Bear Raffle today.

Victor Watkins

Wildlife Advisor

PS You don’t need to take part in the Big Bear Raffle to help bears like Doru – you could also make a simple donation today. http://www.wspa.org.uk/


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