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 By NRA    WOOT    April 1, 2019 

Freedom-Defining Election Day

November 3, 2020 will be a day you and I remember for the rest of our lives – a freedom-defining Election Day when our gun rights will be at stake like never before. If we win this battle, it will b...

 By NRA    WOOT    February 1, 2019

Nancy Pelosi Moving Forward With Freedom-Killing, Gun-Control

Nancy Pelosi is moving forward with freedom-killing, gun-control legislation RIGHT NOW. Congress is preparing to vote on H.R. 8 as early as next week. This is Barack Obama’s so-called “universal...

 By NRA    Shooting Sports    April 1, 2018

NRA - Unfriendly Skies: Delta Airlines

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida, murders, there has been an unusual amount of anti-gun and anti-NRA commentary by private corporations with plenty of problems of their own. In February, Delta...

 By NRA    Shooting Sports    March 1, 2018

Arizona: Political Tactics in Phoenix Threatening Your Rights

Your NRA-ILA has learned that anti-gun legislators may attempt to use political maneuvers in order to push through gun control legislation on Thursday, March 8th. Please contact your state Senator...

 By NRA    Shooting Sports    March 1, 2018

NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS - So They're Not Coming for Our Guns, Eh? We call BS.

Publishers Note - Anyone who believes the fight is over needs to pay attention to the NRA. Visit https://membership.nra.org/FAQ to get the real information about the efforts to repeal the second...


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