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Community Fishing Waters

More Than 50 Waters To Fish!

We have established fishing waters in 23 Arizona communities.

Whether you are an experienced, occasional or new angler, the Arizona Community Fishing Program offers fishing opportunities that you are sure to enjoy. There are currently more than 50 city park lakes participating in the Program, a partnership between the Arizona Game and Fish Department and 23 communities across the state. Detailed maps and park-specific information on all Community Fishing waters are found in this website section. To ensure fishermen have a good chance of catching fish, plenty of ready-to-catch fish are stocked during the fall, winter and spring seasons.

Community Fishing Areas

Phoenix area – 29 waters

Yuma area – 5 waters

Casa Grande area – 1 water

Prescott Valley area – 2 waters

Tucson area – 4 waters

Town of Payson – Green Valley Lakes

Ash Fork – Stone Dam

St. Johns – Patterson Ponds

Show Low Creek Meadow

Safford Area

Stocking Schedules

More than 4 million Arizona residents live within a 20-minute drive of a stocked Community Fishing Program lake. Close by and convenient, all the parks offer parking and other amenities to make your fishing trip and park visit enjoyable.

Distinctive Community Fishing Program signs are posted at key locations at all participating waters, uniquely identifying these fisheries from other waters. The signs also highlight the fishing license requirements and bag limit regulations that apply to Community Fishing waters.

Channel catfish 13-18 inches , stocked in the spring and fall,

Bluegill 5-7 inches, stocked once in the spring,

Rainbow trout 10-13 inches, stocked in the wint


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