Opening Ports

Keep Rain Out, Let Sunshine, Fresh Air In


Opening port lights are great for filling a cabin with sunshine and fresh air. But above all else, they need to keep water outside. Few do this better than Newport self-draining ports from Beckson Marine. Equally ideal for DIY and OEM use, they're designed for ease of installation and built for harsh marine environments.

The Newport Self Drain Opening model comes with a molded angled ramp that promotes drainage and allows for simple through-bolting. The internal incline sits tightly against the gasket and lens, without the need for an exterior water retention ledge. This ensures there's no water ingress when opening it after a rain. They're best for mounting within 15° of vertical.

Beckson's Rain Drain version is built for use on cabin sides with excessive angles. This port drains while tipped up to 45° degrees and won't collect water. It also has easy-to-clean open ducts that resist clogging.

Newport Fixed Ports are fully sealed and designed for light only and are ideal where interior restrictions would limit the use of an opening port. They're identical in size, shape, style, and strength to the opening ports for a seamless appearance.

Beckson Marine Newport Opening Ports start at $230, while the Fixed models start at $139. Both share the same hole and frame sizes.

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