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AZGFD Offers Ideas For A Better 2024

Game And Fish Offers Ideas For A Better 2024

We've said goodbye to 2023 and now is a good time to reflect on the changes that we want - or need - to make in 2024; how about adding an outdoors resolution to your list?

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) offers some simple resolutions, any one of which should be easy for an outdoors enthusiast to stick to -

• Fish local. Make it a point to wet a line this year at one (or more) of the state's 50-plus waters in the Community Fishing Program that are seasonally stocked with channel catfish, bluegill and rainbow trout. This is a great way to introduce a youngster to a fun, lifelong sport. Your reward? Hearing that youngster squeal with delight while pulling in his or her first fish. Buy a general fishing license, or combination hunt and fish license, online at http://www.azgfd.com/license/ (youth under age 10 do not need a license).

• Support wildlife. Wildlife lovers can put their money where their heart is by joining our Conservation Membership program. Your annual dues provide much-needed funding to sustain important wildlife and habitat conservation projects. Help to ensure a wildlife legacy for the future.

• Take a youngster outdoors. Look for animal tracks together and identify the critter that made them. Armed with only a bird identification guide, embark on a "hunting" expedition and see how many species you can find. A day in the field will create memories that last a lifetime - for both of you.

• Pick it up. Vow to clean up not only after yourself, but those who aren't as considerate. Take an extra trash bag along on your next outing, and spend a few minutes picking up those empty cans, cigarette butts or campsite trash. After all, respected access is open access.

• Be a wildlife viewer. Arizona provides some of the best wildlife-viewing opportunities in the nation, with more than 800 species of native wildlife. It's a fun, inexpensive activity that the entire family can enjoy.

• Invest in good optics. Most hunters know that success in the field begins with a quality pair of binoculars or spotting scope. Don't skimp. Better to buy the best you can afford that fits your needs than settle for a middle-of-the-road piece of equipment and be forced to upgrade later.

• Be a conservationist. It's difficult to imagine what our wildlife populations might be like today without the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. For a presentation from the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, produced by Arizona Game and Fish, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WE4L9KicSeU.

• Get hunting. Don't let the odds of being selected in the random draw keep you from applying for what could be the hunt of a lifetime. If you've always dreamed of hunting bison, pronghorn or bull elk, then get in the game and fill out an application. Also, don't overlook small game or other species that can be hunted year-round. Buy a license online today at http://www.azgfd.com/license/.

• Enter AZGFD's portal. The portal lets you create a secure account where you can view and manage your licenses, draw results, bonus points and memberships in your own personal "My AZGFD Dashboard" section. Just click on the "Account Login" button at the bottom of the http://www.azgfd.gov home page, then select the "Register" option in the upper right-hand corner.


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