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On The Cover February 2024

Plan Ahead; Don't Miss It

Here it is: already February of a new year that just got started "a day or so ago", didn't it? No, it was over a month ago, and 2024 is well underway. My how time flies, and it's easy to miss opportunities because they're often over even before we make our plans to participate.

So, what's the bottom line here? Don't miss out. Ideas are plentiful: from Arizona Game & Fish, from 'Touch a Truck' at Lake Pleasant, from Margie Anderson, from Fearless Kitties in Fountain Hills, from the Arizona Ren Faire, and they include kids and trucks, kittens, shopping, land cruising, hunting, fishing, camping, and even scholarship opportunities. A plethora to pick from!

Why wait until it's too late?! Choose something special, plan ahead so you don't miss it, and enjoy the coming year with us.


DOWNSTREAM - Let's do February.

BOATING - Welcome the guests.

LAND CRUISING - Take a Hike.

TACKLE & TARGET - Catching Cold Front Crappie.

WESTERN WILDLIFE - Shhh. The eagles are nesting.

So Many Things To Do

There's no better time to visit Arizona. In fact, we host many of our biggest get-togethers in winter.

Jump In The Pool

AZGFD aims to meet elk objectives for population-management hunts.

What 222,000 Boaters Got Wrong - Test your knowledge with an online boating course.

Ash Wednesday: February 10

Valentine's Day: February 14

Presidents' Day: February 10 - If only we had one.


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