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Petrified Forest National Park And Talampaya National Park

Petrified Forest National Park And Talampaya National Park Become Sister Parks

PETRIFIED FOREST, Ariz. - Petrified Forest National Park and Talampaya National Park, a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage site in Argentina, recently became sister parks. The parks have similar geological, paleontological, biological, and archaeological resources.

"These arrangements will continue to strengthen the preservation, protection, and scientific research of the parks as well as bringing public attention to the importance of these unique places, regardless of the physical distances between them," said Petrified Forest Park Manager Jeannine McElveen.

Although the parks are located in different countries, they both preserve and protect a rich diversity of wildlife, geological wonders, Triassic fossils, cultural history, and spectacularly beautiful scenery for current and future generations.

The formal partnership encourages the exchange of ideas and best practices related to the management and administration of the parks, including collaboration with gateway communities, regional and local economies, peer groups, and partner organizations. The relationship will enable easy sharing of knowledge, information, data, technology, training, and managerial, technical, and professional experiences between the parks.

In August, Petrified Forest National Park signed a similar sister park arrangement with Ischigualasto Provincial Park, located near Talampaya National Park. Learn more about each of the parks by going to their websites, or better yet, plan a visit to see them in person!


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