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Two Amazingly Portable Kayaks

Two Amazingly Portable Kayaks(And Where To Take Them)


December 1, 2023

The Isle is an inflatable with plenty of room for a fisherman. You can also leave the seat off and use it as a paddleboard. There's even room for our little Mochi on this nice flat deck!

The Isle Switch

Aren't all kayaks portable? Well, yes, but not all of them fit into a backpack, pump and all, with the whole package weighing just 19 pounds! The Isle Switch is the ideal kayak/paddle board for fishermen, especially fishermen who travel or who like to fish small waters that are hard to get to.

One of the features of this kayak is the flat deck – you sit on a chair that is raised from the deck and there is plenty of room and plenty of straps for your gear -- and they've eliminated plastic and metal parts on the deck. The flatness and width make it incredibly stable, and you can even strap multiple Switches together with Versa Straps, making it even more stable.

The elevated seat (you can put two seats on it if you want) sits four inches off the deck, and the adjustable foot rest means comfort all day long. The 4-piece hybrid paddle fits into an inflatable holder on the side of the Switch. The oval shaft and rubberized grip on the paddle makes paddling comfortable and easy, and the shaft itself adjusts for using the Switch as a kayak or a paddle board.

Perfect For Hiking To Secret Waters

The instant I saw this I knew it was the perfect boat for packing into those secret little backwaters that are impossible to drive to. You can pack the whole kit and caboodle into the backpack, toss it in the back or on top of the Jeep, and head for places with waters where you won't see another soul all day. You know – where the giants live!

The two-way pump inflates the Switch in just six minutes, so you don't have to waste precious fishing time. Plus, the 18-inch seat back means you'll fish in comfort all day long. If you're fishing a string of waters, a handy shoulder strap allows you to carry the inflated Switch from one pond to the next without having to deflate and re-inflate it. That same strap can be used across the deck to hold gear down.

What You Get

The Isle Switch comes with one seat, one footrest, a 2-in-1 paddle, handpump, board, and a premium storage pack. It retails for $995. The Switch is a full 35 inches wide, making it super comfortable and stable, with lots of room for your fishing gear and even a cooler. If you're camping or spending multiple days out, you can take the seat off and use it on the ground, meaning even fewer things to carry. It's 11'6" long and has a 425 pound capacity, plus it comes in lots of colors.

Don't be afraid of its being inflatable – it's made with AirTech Fusion Lite Technology, which is a woven nylon fabric that decreases the weight by 20 – 30% but offers a high durability. It's got a flexible fin so you don't have to worry if you hit an underwater obstacle. Find out more about the Switch at

The Oru Origami Kayak

As you might have guessed from the name, the Oru Origami Lake Kayak is a foldable boat that has just two loose parts. It can be put together in just under two minutes and only weighs 17 pounds – it's the lightest non-inflatable kayak on the market! Not only that, it only costs $599. The collapsible paddle is sold separately.

The Lake is 9 feet by 32 inches. A single sheet of double layered polypropylene forms the hull and deck of the kayak (as well as the box)l, and the other part is a custom folded floorboard with a built-in 18mm memory foam seat. The unique folded floorboard is what creates the structural integrity of the kayak.

The Lake has easy to close bow and stern folds and an open cockpit for easy entry and exit. You can carry it with an Inlet backpack or the padded carrying handles. Want to know more? Check out

The Lake+ is currently on sale for $559.20 (save $140!) and it includes a free paddle with purchase. Upgrades include additional trim on the front floorboard, and adjustable backrest, and a seat designed to work with their seat cushion upgrade products. Oru Kayaks offers 30 day returns and a 3-year warranty. In addition to that, they offer financing for as low as $71/month and they also sell discounted certified refurbished kayaks that have not been used on the water. You can get all the details at their website

Waterproof Your Gear (Phone, Lunch, Etc.)

One thing you need to consider no matter what kind of boating you do is how to keep your gear, especially things like phones and cameras and lunches dry. Splashes happen. But even if your bag goes overboard, a RUX 25L Waterproof Bag is the rugged, easy to pack and carry tote that is the perfect addition to your kayak. Strap it on your Isle or stow it in your Origami Lake and keep your expensive electronics safe and dry.

It has a wide roll-top opening for easy packing, a removable shoulder carry strap and grab handles, and it's heavy duty waterproof TPU coated nylon. It also has 360-degree lash points so you can easily secure it to your kayak, as well as additional storage via the RUX pocket for stuff you need to get to quickly. Leave some air space in the top and I'm pretty sure this bad boy will float if you need it to! It costs $150, but my new iPhone was over $1000, so that sounds pretty darn good to me!

Where To Take Your Incredibly Foldable Kayak

Seriously, where CAN'T you take it? Whether you carry it in a backpack or as a suitcase, you can tote these kayaks down to any shoreline. One of our favorites for bass fishing would be the back end of Castle Creek at Lake Pleasant. You can put in from shore and the whole area is no wake. John and I once got second place at an All Star bass tournament out of one little cut in Castle – over a 22-pound limit! What a day!

For trout, I'd take mine to any of the little lakes around Williams, like JD Tank and Perkins Tank. Every time I've been there I've been the only person there. Mochi loves to chase the frogs and they are just beautiful little lakes in the forest. All of the southern AZ lakes would be great, too, and they have great bass fishing.


Of course there are also all the White Mountain Lakes, and the many little lakes around Pinetop/Lakeside. Rainbow Lake is a great little bass lake that we've fished with Johnny Johnson. Beautiful forest all around and lots of birds and other critters.

The beauty of these inflatable or foldable kayaks is that you can just put them in the back of your SUV and drive to wherever you want to put in – no boat ramp required. They are perfect for a camping trip to a small lake, or even a large lake. For large lakes with lots of boat traffic, you can always go to a no wake area and put in. There are always plenty of excellent places to fish in any big cove – just fish it like you would a small lake!

By the way, either of these little beauties would be an exceptionally great Christmas present! I would love to get one myself!


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