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The Deep State Is Now Declaring War On Our America First Movement

This Is Really Getting Out Of Hand

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I think we can all agree: this is really getting out of hand... The Deep State is now declaring war on our America First movement.

Crooked Joe has summoned a "war crimes prosecutor" to join the special counsel to try and imprison me for life as an innocent man.

By adding a "war crimes" prosecutor to the Biden special counsel team, the Left is trying to send a message and make an example out of me...

...They want to show the nation that these are the consequences of choosing to put a political outsider in the White House.

This is ultimately about instilling FEAR in the public.

The fear that if you stand in the way of their Marxist agenda, then YOU could be INDICTED, ARRESTED, or IMPRISONED for your beliefs.

The fear that if you give the forgotten, hardworking men and women of this country a voice, then YOU could be made their Public Enemy #1.

In the eyes of the Deep State, challenging the ruling class and vowing to put the American people first is akin to committing war crimes.

But together, we will PEACEFULLY show the Deep State that their intimidation tactics cannot work on the American people.

No matter how much they attack our movement, we will NEVER SURRENDER our mission to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

If you are doing poorly due to the very sinister and corrupt people running Washington right now, please do not donate. I mean it.

Otherwise, I don't have to tell you how critical these times are for our country. America needs you now more than ever before.


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