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FishAZ Network Update And Call For Events


October 1, 2023

Chase Newlon - Fishing Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation (R3) Coordinator - Arizona Game And Fish Department

Hello FishAZ Network,

With cooler weather just around the corner, I hope you are all finding some time to get out on the water!

FishAZ Network Update

Thanks to the help of all of our partners (you), we have had an exciting few months here with the Fishing R3 Program and would like to give you all an update!

We hired and onboarded Alec Young, our new Angling R3 Coordinator shared position with Trout Unlimited. This position is the first of its kind in the Nation and is modeled after the successful shared position from the hunting side of R3. You can read more about his role here.

We also attended the grand opening of Sundance Park. This is our newest Community Fishing Water located in Buckeye. The grand opening was a success with more than 100 anglers in attendance. For more information about our community fishing program click here.

Alec and I will be featured on the Arizona Game and Fish Departments podcast, Wild for Arizona later this month, where we will talk about cold water fishing in the state. Once it is uploaded you can find the podcast here.

Call for Public Fishing Events, Activities, Classes, Etc.

With all of the great things going on in the Fishing R3 space in Arizona we would like to add to our event calendar!

You can find the FishAZ Network Event Calendar and Registration, here:

With that, if you have an upcoming event that you would like to get promoted, shared and if you need to collect registration info (adoption sequence), please send it over and we will add it to the list. Anything from fishing clinics to habitat improvement projects to fishing related seminars can be posted on the FishAZ Network site. We just need some basic information to get it posted.

Event title

Date/time of event

Location: place name, nearest city, unit – GPS if you have it

Event Description (1-2 sentences of what attendee can expect)

Hosted by: Name of primary event host organization and key partners

Information / Contact or Register: name, phone, email, website

Here is a link to an example event:

Let's keep growing this list so it's loaded with lots of great Arizona Fishing opportunities. Please send your events to either Doug Burt or myself by October 20th for us to get posted.

In addition to listing your events, if there is anything we can do to support your events feel free to reach out.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Thank you!



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