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Sustainable Solar Solutions Provide Water for Wildlife and Livestock in Arizona

TerrePower Provides Sustainable Solar Panels To Help Provide Water In Desert Areas

MOBILE, ALA., SEPTEMBER 5, 2023 ––TerrePower, a division of BBB Industries,is helping provide sustainable solar solutions in Arizona. The wildlife and livestock that feed on these dry, desert landscapes often struggle to find natural sources of water.

In response to this challenge, a collaborative effort between wildlife experts, conservationists, and ranchers has emerged to ensure the conservation of natural resources and access to water, particularly during the sweltering and dry periods.

Across the state, solar energy is being harnessed as a sustainable solution to provide a lifeline to animals such as elk, deer, bears, coyotes, and bobcats. Thousands of water features across the state, built on private and federal land, support these animals. However, powering these features to meet the water demands of animals has posed a challenge.

A non-profit conservation organization, the Arizona Deer Association (ADA), is collaborating with other local and government agencies to leverage solar power to secure water resources for both wildlife and livestock, such as cattle. Over the years, the ADA has researched extensive potential projects to extract water from other sources. Some water well sites rely on diesel generators, while others lay dormant due to the lack of power sources.

Recognizing the need for an environmentally friendly and low-maintenance alternative to fossil fuels, Jim Lawrence, Projects Director for the ADA, explored innovative solutions. This led him to Ontility. As the brand of comprehensive solar lifecycle solutions and energy storage systems under TerrePower, a BBB Industries division,Ontility’s sustainably manufactured solar panels aligned perfectly with the ADA’s water conservation objectives.

Solar photovoltaic panels typically have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years. Their reuse can further advance the circular economy while reducingcarbon emissions by up to 35% compared to new production.

“For years, we’ve been using sustainably manufactured panels to convert old, abandoned wells, or wells that were being powered by diesel generators into solar. The High Point Well on the O’Haco Ranch was one of these,” explains Lawrence. “Prior to the solar conversion, it had been powered by a diesel generator. The first time I visited that site, there wasn’t a blade of grass within 50 yards ofthe well due to the diesel fuel contaminating the area.”

The well now supplies water across more than 30 miles, benefiting livestock and wildlife.

In 2021, Lawrence was shipped his first batch of solar panels, with a total order of 810 panels to date. A recent order for 120 panels in August reaffirms his commitment. These panels are sourced from TerrePower’s facility in Sparta, Tennessee, which reached full operational capacity earlier this year.

"We apply over 30 years of remanufacturing experience to our solar panels,” said John Boyer, President of TerrePower. “The Sparta facility is devoted to solar panel sustainable manufacturing;we can sustainably manufacture well over 100,000 panels and will be scaling up quickly to do much more.”

By using solar energy, the ADA not only restores habitats but also partners with cattle ranchers to reduce costs and reliance on fossil fuels.

“With solar, it's just a win-win for everybody,” said Lawrence. “The ranchers can convert to solar power and be done with it. There's very little maintenance involved with it. They don't have these $16,000, $18,000 fuel bills come up yearly.”

Using solar power to provide water to remote locations can be an advantage since they are low maintenance and cost-effective. The ADA purchases these solar panels with funds from fundraising, grants and donations.

“When you develop a site with solar, you hope you don't have to go back for a while because a lot of these locations are extremely remote,” said Lawrence. “Once we saw the way these panels were restored and shipped, we were sold. They looked brand new. We were very happy with the condition. And so far, over the last several years now, we've had a 100% success rate with these sustainably manufactured modules. So, we're happy.”

To find out more about TerrePower, visit https://www.bbbind.com/terrepower.

About TerrePower

TerrePower is an industry leader and innovator in the sustainable manufacturingof components driving our clean energy and mobilityfuture. From upcycling and improving the longevity and performance of EV batteries and other components to refurbishing and recycling solar systems to drive the circular economy. TerrePower’s mission is to give new life to critical components and materials to lower costs, reduce waste, reuse resources, and protect the environment. Established in 2009, Ontility is TerrePower’s brand of comprehensive solar lifecycle solutions and energy storage systems.TerrePower is a divisionof BBB Industries.

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BBB Industries, LLC is a leading sustainable manufacturer serving the automotive, industrial, and renewable energy markets. With an extensive footprint and operations throughout North America, BBB entered the European market in 2020 and now sustainably manufactures and supplies an assortment of nondiscretionary repair parts across more than 90 countries. TerrePower is a division of BBB that services the electric vehicle, energy storage and solar markets across both North America and Europe. Founded in 1987, BBB Industries, LLC is a private company with corporate centers located in the greater Mobile, Alabama and Dallas, Texas areas. Please see http://www.bbbind.com for more information.

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