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Strong Country, Weak Leadership

What Is Happening Now Is Not Good!

Series: Veterans In The News | Story 48

The United States of America is without a doubt the strongest and most powerful nation in the world. No nation has the financial power, the military power, or the nuclear power of this nation. BUT, we are weak.

The political divisiveness of our politicians has always weakened this country and I don't care which side you're on. Granted the "Left", "Doves", "Progressives" - whatever you want to tag them as - weaken our country and spend their time and our precious tax payer dollars foolishly by chasing more idiotic ideas and witch hunts to pursue their political utopia (socialism) instead of issues that matter to the majority/middle class people of this nation: the failing economy, runaway inflation and rising crime.

The "right", "Hawks", "Conservatives" do not help when they are not working in coordination with the "left" to make things better instead of continually butting heads to gain political advantage. What do we have to do get coaches for these political butthead kids? Is this kindergarten?

I suggest that we spank them all. I would like to see the following laws passed by the PEOPLE in a popular vote.

No budget, no pay for the politicians, and no back pay when it gets passed.

o i.e., If it takes three months to pass the budget, Congress loses three month's pay.

No law will be made that does not equally apply to Congress and citizens.

o All "special laws" for Congress voted in by them: CANCELLED.

o Prosecution for crimes like all of the U.S. citizens.

o No special security.

No pay-raise to Congress without popular vote.

Pay their own way on travel: no military airlifts, no compensation.

The laws of inside trading will apply to all of their stock/ monetary transactions.

No gym, no barbershop, no slush funds.

No perks!!! You are just another citizen, not a rock star!

A total review of the FBI, CIA, and the Justice Department by an independent board.

o Weed out the political hacks, all of them.

Until we band together, the citizens of the Unites States and DEMAND change in our government, things will remain the same and right now what's occurring IS NOT GOOD.


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