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Canyon Plastics

Whittemore, Iowa


August 1, 2023

Canyon Plastics

It's official, Kendra and I are now the new owner of Canyon Plastics.

Canyon Plastics

Matt Koppen

205 Broad St

Whittemore , IA 50598

Phone: (515) 887-3474

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It's official, Kendra and I are now the new owner of Canyon Plastics and are very excited to have this opportunity! We are ready to serve you all with any fishing products we currently sell. Over the next two months Neal and Angela will be here with us for this transition.

Neal and Angela would like to thank each of you for your past business and have enjoyed serving each of you. We wish Matt and Kendra the best with the transition of ownership of Canyon Plastics and will serve you well in the future.

As we go on and get some things under our belt and are comfortable with everything that we are doing, it'll be great and will continue to grow. We have big ideas! Fishing is one of our favorite hobbies!

We feel very fortunate to have this now 50 year old business. How remarkable and what an opportunity!

Matt and Kendra Koppen


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