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Common Watersports Hand Signals

To maximize fun and safety while towing a waterskier, make sure everyone on board knows these simple hand signals for communication.

By Chris Landers

BoatU.S.Magazine Contributing Writer

1. Faster: Thumb up

2. Slower: Thumb down

3. Go right, go left: Point right, point left

4. We're turning around: Driver's or spotter's arm up, pointing, making circles

5. Make another loop: Skier's arm up, pointing, making circles

6. I'm finished and letting go of tow rope: Skier uses a hand to simulate "slice across neck"

7. I'm OK: Skier in water, arms overhead forming a circle, fingertips touching

8. That's just right: Skier makes the OK symbol

9. Stay behind the boat. Danger ahead: Spotter extends one arm in front of his/her body and moves it up and down

10. Get me back in the boat: Skier pats head

11. Possible injury. Boat should return to skier immediately: No movement, skier in water

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