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AZGFD Driver Training

AZGFD Offers ROV Side-By-Side Driver Training Course April 22

AZGFD offers ROV side-by-side driver training course on April 22

Includes closed and open trail experiences

PHOENIX - If you enjoy riding recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV) side-by-sides, you shouldn't pass up this unique opportunity to enhance your skills and learn from an expert.

AZGFD Offers Unique Training

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) is offering a unique side-by-side training class on Saturday, April 22, 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at the department's OHV Education Range located on the east side of the Ben Avery Shooting Facility property at 4044 W. Black Canyon Blvd. in Phoenix. The cost is $60 and pre-registration is required. The class is limited to eight (8) participants.

Participants will be taught the knowledge and basic skills necessary to safely and efficiently operate a side-by-side while reducing primary risk factors and mitigating the effects these machines have on the environment. Participants will learn the skills to safely navigate basic obstacles and will understand the inherent risks and safety limits of operating a side-by-side.


Participants must complete the ROHVA (Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association) E-course (https://cbt.rohva.org/) and bring the completion certificate to class in order to participate. If you are a first-time visitor to that site, you'll need to create a free account. The ROV E-course takes approximately two hours to complete. In addition, participants must possess a valid driver's license.

What To Bring

Each participant must have a side-by-side to operate during training. (It is suggested that participants bring the side-by-side they will be using in the field). Please take a few minutes and read the owner's manual before attending class.

Please bring your own DOT or Snell-approved helmet, riding gloves and goggles, if you have them. Otherwise, contact the instructor as soon as possible to prearrange the loan of equipment. Participants will be required to wear long pants, a long sleeve shirt, and boots that cover the ankle. You will not be able to participate if you arrive without the proper attire.

Each participant must bring the completed consent/waiver to class (the consent/waiver form can be accessed under "required files" at https://www.register-ed.com/events/view/193964).

Please bring water, sunscreen and a snack, and arrive early so you have time to prepare your side-by-side for the day.

To Register

Visit https://www.register-ed.com/events/register/193964.


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