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Bass Junkyz

2023-2024 Season

'Feed The Addiction'

These tournaments are not just events; they are community.

Bass JunkyzBass Junkyz is not just a bass fishing tournament event, it is a community of anglers coming together for a sport they love. We invite family and friends to attend every event. Our weigh-in system is state of the art and our process is streamlined to increase the survival rate of bass. Food is provided after every weigh in and checks are handed out in a timely manner.

Fished the Bass Junkyz team tournament on Havasu with my fish-catching bro Mike Williams. They drew 85 boats and always run a great show. We got lucky and barely pulled off the win with 21.85 against my buddy Roy and his partner. - Shaun Bailey

Had a great time fishing today with my dad and seems like forever since him and I fished a tournament together. Big shout out to Tim Price and his staff at Bass Junkyz for putting on one the best well run team tournament I have fished in a long time. They had a full field of 100 teams and everything went so smooth during registration, launch, and weigh in. We were blessed and fortunate to take first place honors at our first tournament at Bartlett Lake. Congrats to all the teams that finished in the Top 10 and fishing was good. - Joe Uribe Jr.

As most of you know, my wife and I took 2nd in the first event. I was contacted by Tim as soon as the checks cleared and notified that we had been underpaid and had an additional check waiting for us.

As a tournament angler, I feel we are vulnerable to whatever percentage of payback each director feels necessary. What should be simple math is often complex due to options, support entries, and sponsor donations. Being friends with most of the tournament directors I would expect this exact same outcome but in my 15 years of tournament fishing, I have never had or heard of this happening.

I wanted to give a shout-out to Tim and Greg for taking ownership of an honest miscalculation and making it right. It says a lot about your integrity and makes your product that much more valuable. Thanks again for running a great event! - JUSTIN PATTI


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