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Wondering what to get that hiker, climber, nomad, off-roader, camper, or just plain day dreamer for the holidays? I've got you covered! I've been saving great ideas all year long so I could share them with you this month. I'll give you ideas from stocking stuffers to splurges, so you're sure to find something fun and fitting in this list.

Aspen Water Bottle

Hey, even if you're not an outdoorsman, carrying a refillable water bottle is a great way to save a lot of money – bottled water prices are ridiculous, and those plastic bottles are a major ecological disaster! Aspen has beautiful metal, unbreakable, insulated bottles with a non-slip rubber base. And this year, there's a hidden handle in the top of the lid!

An Aspen bottle will keep your beverage cold for up to 100 hours, and hot for up to 20 hours. It's got a nice wide opening for ice cubes and my favorite 2022 Aspen comes in 16 oz ($28.99), 25 oz ($34.99), and the BOSS Triple Insulated Stainless Steel 64 oz Growler Bottle with infuser ($59.99).

The smaller bottles come in seven different gorgeous colors, and you can see them all at http://www.ecovessel.com. Right now you can get 25% off with code WINTER25, and free shipping over $49! They have coffee mugs too!

Baofeng Tech BF-R8HP Ham Radio

Yes, you need a license to legally operate a HAM radio, but http://www.arrl.org/getting-licensed will tell you what you need to know. This radio is a hand-held unit perfect for when you're out of cell service (which is constantly, for us!). You can use it as an FM radio as well, and it is legal for amateur frequencies. You can even use it hands-free! It's reasonably priced at just under $140 at http://www.survivalfrog.com.

Valley Tieless Fishing Tackle EZ Hook

The older I get, the smaller those eyes are on fishing hooks. Add the cold weather, and tying on a hook is quite an ordeal. But the EZ Hook is completely different. All you have to do is tie a simple knot at the end of your line, loop the line around the hook once, and you're ready to fish. No kidding! The hooks are just $3.29 for five hooks, so they're a great stocking stuffer! Get them online at https://thetielesshook.com/. They've got clasps to make changing hard baits easy too!

Ibex Merino Apparel

Merino is lightweight, thermoregulating, moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and naturally breathable for optimal layering. In short, Ibex makes the perfect winter wear! Got a skier, a runner, a traveler, hiker, biker, or a hunter on your list? Help them stay warm this winter with a gift from Ibex. They're not cheap – a women's Woolies 2 Crew is $135, but they are a fantastic investment and will last for years. If a crew is too steep for you, go to http://www.ibex.com and check out their glove liners and neck warmers!

BioLite Basecharge 600 And Basecharge 1500

BioLite makes some of my favorite camping gear – I've got their stove, lights, solar panels – all kinds of good stuff. I especially love the way they give back – go to their website at http://www.bioliteenergy.com and click on Mission to find out about what they are doing to improve the world. Their little stove is my favorite – it runs on twigs and small stuff but puts out a ton of heat and you can cook on it no problem with their grill and pans. Not only that, it can charge your phone while you're cooking!

The new BaseCharge units will power just about anything you need outdoors (or indoors) and you can charge it with a solar panel or plug it in at home. It'll power up laptops, phones, lights, routers, and more! Check out all their stuff. I bet you'll love it as much as I do! Also, you can now get the BaseCharge units on Amazon!

Maglite Customized Flashlights

No matter what you do outdoors, sooner or later you're going to need a flashlight. Get your camping, hunting, or hiking buddy a personalized flashlight from Maglite. They start at $40, and you can click a box and get 20% off! I bet Dad would love a big Maglite with his name engraved on it – that way the kids can't steal it! Go to http://www.maglite.com and check out all their stuff. It's amazing. And their flashlights are seriously sturdy!

Gatorz Eyewear Ammo Can Case

This is the coolest thing ever for the hunter, shooter, or fisherman in your life (or skier, hiker, climber – anyone who wears sunglasses!). This sturdy sunglasses case looks like an ammo can and has a sponge liner to cradle your specs and keep them safe and scratch-free. Plus it just looks super cool and even has a water-tight gasket.

While you're at http://www.gatorz.com checking out the ammo can case, give their sunglasses a look. Some fantastic stuff there! The Ammo Can Case is usually $48, but when I went on the website it was $31.20. (The handle works, too!)

JBL Click Tiny Smartphone Controller For Steering Wheels

I don't know about you, but when I'm on a boat or in a side by side, I keep my phone in a safe place. But that usually means it's fairly inaccessible, which makes playing podcasts or music, or answering calls a bit difficult. That's why I think the JBL Click is the absolute perfect stocking stuffer – it's less than $50 and it's about the size of a quarter. It straps on your steering wheel and links to your phone via Bluetooth. So now you can use your phone and still keep it safe! Just go to http://www.prospecelectronics.com and enter JBL in the search bar. So cool!

Fisher Space Pen

Who doesn't want a pen like the astronauts use? I know I want one! The Fisher Space Pen is beyond cool – sleek, works in arctic conditions or Arizona heat, and even works under water! It even comes in a gift box with an astronaut sleeve! The original Space Pen is $79. They now have Cerakote Bullet Space pens in several colors and you can even get them personalized. In fact, you'll be amazed at the variety, and prices for the pens start at $12. You really need to see them – go to http://www.spacepen.com and pick one out for a gift (and one for yourself!).

Stanley Stay Hot French Press

This unbreakable, incredibly strong and beautiful French press is ideal for camping trips. I love how I can make enough coffee to fill our cups and thermos bottles so quickly, and it cleans up very easily, too. Know what else it's great for? Gravy! Soup! Anything you need to keep hot while transporting. I learned this when I needed to take gravy to a Thanksgiving dinner at my son's house. They don't have a microwave, but the Stanley kept the gravy piping hot all through dinner – and it holds plenty!

It comes in a bunch of great colors, and while you're at http://www.stanley1913.com, be sure to check out all their other fantastic camping gear, like cups, coolers, cookware, food storage, and of course vacuum bottles! The Classic Stay Hot French Press is $70, and they have plenty of other options for gifts for a lot less. But all of their stuff is epic. Trust me, any outdoors person will love anything you get them from Stanley.

I hope I've helped you with your holiday shopping this year! Browse the websites I've mentioned and you'll find a whole lot more great stuff – happy shopping!


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