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Glidecoat Restores and Protects RV Front Caps


August 1, 2022

No matter if traveling an interstate or a lonely backroad, the front of an RV takes a lot of abuse. Windblown dirt, bugs, road tar and other debris all combine with continual UV ray exposure to slowly degrade the finish. Plus, because of the height and stubbornness of the stains, they're difficult to remove. The solution is to use RV Cap Kit from Glidecoat. A collection of easy-to-use products, it restores and protects the leading surfaces on all types of RVs.

Traditional RV protection methods don't match the Glidecoat system. Paint protection film yellows, cracks and peels over time, requiring costly replacement. Difficult to put on and take off, custom-fitted bras accumulate dirt beneath them that scratches the finish as the fabric moves while driving. The most common solution is wax, but it's a temporary one at best that requires frequent time-consuming reapplication. The Glidecoat RV Cap Kit creates a diamond-hard barrier that protects the RV for up to 18 months and maintains its showroom shine.

The RV Cap Kit includes everything needed to clean and prepare the fiberglass, vinyl or painted surface. Nano Wash removes dirt and grime, while Nano Compound and Nano Polish buff the finish. Glidecoat Surface Wipe eliminates residual wax, oil and polish in preparation for the final chemical, RV Ceramic Coating.

The cornerstone of the Glidecoat system, RV Ceramic Coating creates a long-lasting molecular bond to the surface material. Resistant to chemicals and UV rays, it's hydrophobic. Water, grime and black dirt streaks are easily washed away with a simple blast from a garden hose. The kit covers 60 sq. ft. with two coats of RV Ceramic Coating.

Including microfiber towels, applicators and gloves, Glidecoat RV Cap Kit costs $99.95.

Contact Glidecoat, 7812 SW Jack James Dr., Stuart, FL 34997. 561-290-0165.


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