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Take Care!


August 1, 2022

How many times do we use the phrase, "Take care" when signing off on texts and emails? We mean this, but it is often just a cursory comment. However, around water, whether boating, fishing, swimming, or just enjoying, the message needs to be powerful and at the fore of our thoughts. "Safety First" and "Take Care" are not just well wishes. They are life savers. And having pfds for all on board, including our precious pets, is paramount to doing just that: saving lives.

That being said, having fun is at the top of the list of almost all water activities, and the featured water slide at Lake Pleasant Harbor says this in spades: H2O Whoa! is a huge attraction that offers in incredible thrill: "H2 Whoa!" is mammoth and more than 10 feet taller than the previous world record holder," according to its owner/operator.

Finally, as we move through the summer, grateful for all things outdoors, we thank those who are being honored in the 2022 class of inductees into the Arizona Outdoor Hall of Fame. Without outdoors caretakers such as these, our wild life and recreation activities would not thrive as they do. Congratulations to them all!

Bartlett Lake Marina Arizona

Note To All On Board: Safety First!

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