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PFD Bundles


August 1, 2022

PFD Bundles Get People (And Pets) On The Water

New boaters and paddlers or those who want to upgrade their safety gear will find it hard to resist Bombora's new Bundles. Centered around its unique inflatable US Coast Guard-approved PFDs, they combine everything needed to get out on the water. Ideal for couples, families of four or those with a canine best friend, they're offered at a 30% discount over separate purchases.

Extremely comfortable, the Bombora PFD is worn around the waist and designed for adults 16 and older with chest sizes from 30" to 46". When needed, a tug on the activation cord triggers the CO2 cylinder to instantly inflate the device. Once used, it's quickly and easily rearmed and repacked.

The Adventurer Bundle includes a pair of Type III Adventurer PFDs that each provides 25 lbs. of buoyancy. Bombora's Wanderer Bundle contains two slightly smaller Type V Wanderer PFDs that deliver 16.5 lbs. of flotation. Each collection includes two Rearming Kits.

Bombora's Family Bundle comes with two Type V Wanderer PFDs and a pair of US Coast Guard-approved Type III Kids Vests. Designed for maximum comfort, the child-sized life jackets provide 11 lbs. of buoyancy and come in two sizes. The child model is approved for kids 30–50 lbs. with chest sizes 20" to 25". The youth version is for those 50–90 lbs. with chest sizes 26" to 30".

The Dog Lover Bundle includes a Type V Wanderer PFD and a Bombora Dog Life Vest. Available in four sizes to fit canines between 12 and 90 lbs., it's easy to put on and take off. The PFD is designed to allow the pet to run and swim freely without restricting the legs and joints.

The Adventurer Bundle costs $280; the Wanderer Bundle is $195; the Family Bundle runs $224.99; and the Dog Lover Bundle is $124.99. All are available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Contact local dealers or Bombora, 781-709-3225.

Dogs Are Safer Around Water With PFD

Even dogs that are bred to swim can struggle if tired or the water is cold and rough. Designed especially for canines, Bombora's line of Dog Life Vests is perfect for keeping pets safe whenever they're on a boat, SUP or kayak, or simply lounging poolside with their human companions.

Bombora Dog Life Vests are available in four sizes to fit pets up to 90 lbs. and are designed for all-day comfort. EPE layered and segmented foam forms around the body while amply-sized leg holes provide even short-legged breeds the ability to paddle unrestricted. Three Delrin quick-release buckles adjust and allow PFDs to be put on and taken off quickly.

Covered in a soft, yet durable, polyester fabric, Dog Life Vests have an integrated D-ring leash attachment and reinforced grab handle. Built-in side pockets are ideal for storing treats and leads. They're available in two color combinations: turquoise and white Tidal or blue, yellow and red Sunrise.

Extra small Bombora Life Vests fit pets up to 12 lbs. with a collar size between 8"–12" and a body girth of 13"–17". The Small model is designed for dogs 12–24 lbs. with a collar size between 10"–14" and a girth of 15"–21". The medium version is for 24–60 lbs. with a collar size between 13"–19" and a girth of 24"–36". The Large size is meant for 60–90 lbs. with a collar size between 18"–26" and a girth of 13"–17". They cost $45.

Contact local dealers or Bombora.


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