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Marine Ceramic Coating

New Or Old, Boats Deserve More Than Mere Wax

As any owner will attest, fiberglass boats are less than maintenance-free. Instead of waxing decks, hulls and outboards every month or more, savvy boaters use Glidecoat Marine Ceramic Coating. Its unique formula not only restores a showroom-like shine to older vessels, but offers a level of protection that lasts up to 18 months even in extreme environmental conditions, making it the ideal first project for a new boat.

Glidecoat Marine Ceramic Coating uses nanotechnology. Equally effective on gelcoat and marine paint, the tested and proven formula's particles form a protective molecular network that chemically bonds to the boat's surface. Delivering unprecedented protection against corrosion, chemicals and damaging UV rays, it also restores color, gloss and hardness. Plus, it's extremely hydrophobic, meaning it sheds water and dirt far better than natural or synthetic wax.

Applying Marine Ceramic Coating is straightforward. Glidecoat offers the formula by itself or as part of bundles with specialized cleaning products to prepare the surface. Working in 3' x 3' sections, the solution is wiped onto the hull or deck until fully saturated; then the area is finished with a clean microfiber cloth to remove excess coating. These steps are then repeated.

Once Marine Ceramic Coating is applied, salt, dirt and other contaminants can't adhere to the surface. Continued maintenance is a matter of simply hosing down the boat with fresh water and drying with a chamois. Because of its unique hydrophobic qualities, it reduces the potential of getting annoying water spots.

Unlike wax, Marine Ceramic Coating doesn't require a lot of product to be effective. A 50ml bottle covers 60 sq. ft., sufficient for a 10' boat or PWC, and costs $85. The 120ml size treats 144 sq. ft., approximately a 16' vessel, and runs $165. Sufficient for a 20' boat, the 160ml bottle covers 192 sq. ft. and is $195. The 250ml size that coats a 30' boat of about 300 sq. ft. is $295. Glidecoat's New Boat Bundle protects a 30' watercraft and includes a 16 oz. container of Nano Polish, 16 oz. of Surface Wipe, 250ml of Marine Ceramic Coating, four microfiber cloths and four application sponges, and costs $349.95.

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