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By Doug Burt 

AZGFD Hunting Angling Heritage Workshop


Would You Like To Join Us?

Please note update below and stay tuned for new venue. At press time, we did not have the changes, so please check with

An Invitation From Doug Burt

AZGFD Recruitment, Retention, Reactivation (R3) Manager

Come join us for our summer two-day Hunting Angling Heritage Workshop Group (HAHWG) gathering, originally scheduled for July 9-10. (See update below.) .RSVP so I can get enough food and drink, thanks to Hunting Works for Arizona and Wildlife for Tomorrow:


• Early arrivals on Friday are welcome.

• Saturday: Noon - 5 p.m. with a working lunch, host dinner, and social hour.

• Sunday: 7 a.m. Host Breakfast, then 8 a.m.-noon meeting and work session.

Some Key Agenda Items:

• Group Discussion - 1, 2 & 3 year planning, direction & improvements for growth / sustainability

• National Pulse Report & Discussion

• Special Guest Presentation - staying relevant

• Marketing Successes and Increased Public Awareness

• Seasonal Effort Report for HAHWG R3

• Angling R3 Efforts, growth and future

• North American Model - Creative Approaches for Dinner Party - Discussion & Brainstorm

• 2022-23 Resources and planning for season success

• Round robin


The Pipeline Fire in Flagstaff has resulted in closures until further notice by the Coconino National Forest; that includes the Arizona Nordic Village, which is where we host Summer HAHWG. At this time, the Nordic Center is telling customers with events through mid-July to seek an alternate location. Our event is July 8-10. So, we are looking into options:

1. Find an alternate location - that still allows a two-day, outdoor, overnight event, preferable in the cool air and pine trees, sites being considered:

o The Arboretum - called, they are booked

o Raymond Ranch

o NAU Centennial Forest facility - new, researching

o Other ideas - email,

2. Push out our meeting date, to allow for monsoons to do their work; move past 4th of July fire restrictions, and meet at Nordic either July 22-24, or July 29-31? I need to check on site availability and caterer, but this could be the best option.


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