Marc Townsend 12/27/1968-6/9/2022

He Truly Was One Of A Kind


That smile! It was infectious. He was so much fun to fish with!

A Tribute From Margie and John Anderson

We've known Marc for a long time and have done several stories with him. He was the kind of guy who would tell you the straight dope all the time, no matter what. I loved that about him. Marc was a heck of a stick, too – he'd take us to Pleasant or Bartlett and just flat out catch bass, talking the whole time. Entertaining is an understatement when it came to Marc!

Fishing was just one side of him, though. Marc loved his family with his whole heart and he never failed to tell us stories about his mom and dad – he was so proud of both of them! And he was immensely proud of his niece and her dancing! He talked about her so proudly you'd think he was her dad! He was always whipping out his phone to show off videos of her dancing, and he'd have that big goofy grin the whole time!

Marc at Lake Pleasant

Marc was co-host on Don McDowell's radio show for years, and he was so fun to listen to! But more than fun, he was informative and entertaining. He also had an amazing work ethic and made the most beautiful floors. He was darn proud of those floors for good reason.

I loved to do stories with Marc because he was so real. Not at all self-conscious, and willing to give away all of his "fishing secrets" just because he loved to help other people, especially fellow anglers. I can't think of a single fisherman who didn't like Marc. We all miss him so, and his death came way too early.

There will be a Celebration of Life for Marc on July 19 at 11:00 am at the CCV on 67th Avenue and Happy Valley Road.


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