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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

There Are So Many Ways To Show Mom Your Love

By John And Margie Anderson

Mother's Day is for letting Mom know how much we love her -- and giving her the perfect gift is one of the ways we show love. It can be as simple as a hand-made card, a vase full of wildflowers, or a home-baked treat. If Mom is the outdoorsy type, We've got a lot of options for you to consider!

Camping Mom


I love a good protein shake for breakfast, so I recently got a BlendJet so that I can make my daily shakes when I'm camping and hunting. Oh my! My only regret is that I didn't get one sooner! The BlendJet is rechargeable, and it holds a charge through a bunch of uses, so I've never had to charge it in camp.

Besides my protein shakes, BlendJet has a wide variety of coffee drink packets called JetPacks that are the most convenient things ever for camp. (I confess to using them at home a lot, too – they are absolutely delicious!) You won't believe how many colors the BlendJet comes in – mine is a gorgeous Sea Green. They're only about $50 and Mom will love it forever! Get one at http://www.blendjet.com.

Gatorz OPz Eyewear For Digital Devices

Mom is usually the one taking photos, right? But as a photo-taking mom I can tell you that trying to see the camera or phone screen with sunglasses on is impossible! It's such a hassle to constantly take your glasses off so you can see the screen – but Mom won't have to do that anymore if you get her some new Gatorz OPz sunglasses.

Since most LCD screens are already polarized, polarized glasses basically cancel them out. The new Gatorz gives the same glare reduction of polarized lenses, but lets you see digital screens! They also have high velocity impact resistant lenses, a coating that is oil and grease repellant, and a scratch resistant hard coat. Made in America with a lifetime frame warranty, they're a bit of a splurge at $220 - $280, but wow – Mom will be in seventh heaven! Check them out at https://www.gatorz.com/pages/opz-collection.

Biolite Headlight

I've written a lot about BioLite in the past because I love their products and I especially love the way they are helping the world by providing BioLite Stoves to family and even towns in third world countries that help them reduce the wood they need and allow them to charge their phones at home rather than having to walk into town. You should go to Bioliteenergy.com and read about them!

The BioLite HeadLamp 200 is an ultra-lightweight USB headlamp that will let mom navigate a dark campsite or tent while keeping her hands free. I find them particularly useful for cooking after a long day hiking or hunting. They come in four colors, only cost about $40, and you can charge them up with your BioLite Stove. Win-win-win! Get Mom a headlamp (and a stove if she doesn't have one!) at http://www.bioliteenergy.com.

Sylvansport Waylight

Here's another light mom will LOVE on camping trips! It's so many things in one: a hiking stick, a bright directional light, and – no kidding! – a marshmallow toasting skewer holder!It switches from direct light, ambient light (stick it in the ground for a camp light), or a combination, and it's adjustable from 34 – 52 inches. Absolutely awesome.

I just bought one for myself to use not only camping, but also out in the backyard when we use the Solo Stove! It's the perfect amount of light, and I can't wait to roast marshmallows with it! Go to http://www.sylvansport.com and see one in action by watching the video. Get one for Mom for only $39.95!


MyMedic Kits

MyMedic seriously has the best first aid kits. Ever. I have an ever-increasing supply of their kits for everything from biking to camping to hunting to bugging out! Honestly, their kits are fantastic – they're stocked with things you'll actually use, and the prices are reasonable. They even have a Pet Medic pouch, so you'll be able to take care of your four-legged friends! Go to http://www.mymedic.com and pick out the perfect kit (or two or three) for your mom!

EDC Survival Bundle

Survival Frog has a great little EDC (Every Day Carry) Survival Bundle that mom can keep in her car or backpack. It's got 21 survival tools, including a flashlight, camping knife, compass, multifunctional spoon, screwdriver, wire saw, and more, all packed in a waterproof box. She'll find herself using these practical tools all the time, and it's the perfect gift if Mom lives in a hurricane or wildfire area and has to bug out. It's less than $50 at http://www.survivalfrog.com.

Gosun SolarPanel 10

For less than $80, your mom will be able to charge her cellphone no matter how long she stays in camp. Great for power outages too! The SolarPanel will charge a cell phone about as fast as a typical wall outlet charger! Just plug in your phone and set the panel in the sun. Super handy. They also have a ton of other amazing solar energy products, so check them out at http://www.gosun.com.


RuffWear Harness

Our little Mochi has two RuffWear harnesses and they are fantastic! When we're hunting, she wears a WebMaster Harness with a handle. We love it because it has three straps – one across her chest in front of her legs, and two across her chest. We've had dogs wriggle out of a harness before if the leash was in front of them, but that can't happen with this one! They also make a blaze orange Lumenglo Hi-Vis Dog Jacket that will give Mom a lot of peace of mind when she's off-roading during javelina season.

RuffWear harnesses are incredibly tough, but comfortable – you can adjust both the diameter of the chest straps and the length of the strap that goes between the front chest strap and the first strap around the chest. Mochi walked into a seep that turned out to be very deep with steep, slippery sides, and John was able to lift her out easily by the handle.

The leash attachment is a super strong steel one and the whole thing is just perfect. They are also reflective, which is great when Mochi and I are wandering around camp at night.The Web Master is around $60 and worth every dime. Any Dog Mom would love one! See all the RuffWear stuff at http://www.ruffwear.com. Be sure to check if the Hitch Hiker leashes are back in stock!

DEADEYE MOM (By John Anderson)


I would never advocate buying a gun for your mom unless she has told you a specific brand and model that she wants – but I'm all in favor of buying her accessories and instruction! The Well-Armed Woman has instructors teaching women everything from basics to advanced shooting, and mom would have a great time at their classes. You can find out more at http://www.thewellarmedwoman.com.

CCW Apparel

Tactica has some of the best-looking CCW clothing and purses for women that I've seen. Margie loves their stuff! They're having a Mother's Day sale right now, so hop on over to http://www.tacticafashion.com – they've got holsters, gun belts, purses and bags, and lots of great-looking apparel.

Hearing Protection

If Mom goes to the range, she is well aware of how loud it is there. Margie swears we always get the bay next to the guy with the hand cannon! Great ear protection is crucial, so I buy Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Electronic muffs for Margie's over ear protection, and Walker Silencer Digital Ear Buds for when we're on the sporting clays range or shooting rifles. You can find the Peltors at http://www.3m.com and the Walkers at http://www.walkersgameear.com.

The Peltor Sport Tactical 500's are $110 on Amazon, and the Walkers are around $230 - $250 a pair for the Bluetooth models and around $80 on Amazon for the basic set.

And, Stay Tuned For June

Next month we'll have stuff for dads!


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