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May Features Mermaids And Memories


Dive In!

The "merry, merry month of May" brings us both the lighter side of taking selfies with mermaids and the more serious side of remembering our moms on Mothers' Day and loved ones lost on Memorial Day.

Scuba Show 2022 in L.A. promises to be a family friendly event with many programs focused on the kids. However, there is lots for the adults too who are interested in scuba diving: products, programs, educational seminars and more.

Also in this delightful, not-too-hot-yet month are the plethora of activities at Lake Pleasant; sailing adventures are just the beginning of the possibilities at this nearby lake and marina.

We should do this every day of every month, but at least we do save one special day to honor our mothers, May 8 this year. Margie Anderson has created a great list of possible gifts for the outdoor mom - everything from a simple bouquet of wildflowers to camping-made-easy (and safe) items.

Last, but definitely not least, is Memorial Day. Please pause with us on May 30 to remember those who have lost their lives in service to our country. Wear a poppy, and if you do not have one, stop by your local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) or American Legion to get one. Also on this day, many families remember other loved ones who have passed. It is a beautiful day of remembrance.


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BOATING - Boaters are reminded of "safety first". Page 4

TACKLE & TARGET - To.22 or not to .22; that is the question. Page 8

LAND CRUISING - Lives depend on preventing wildfires. Page 11

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Happy Mother's Day! - Let's go shopping for this special lady.

Remember Them All -- Always - Memorial Day reminds us not to forget.

Lake Pleasant Invites You - There's so much fun just waiting for you.

Mother's Day: May 8

World Migratory Bird Day: May 14:

Endangered Species Day: May 20

Memorial Day: May 30

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