On The Cover March 2022

Yes, It Is In Arizona

Margie Anderson

Margie Anderson

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First, we offer a big thank-you to Margie Anderson for guiding us on a very interesting trip to/through the Belmont Mountains and for this intriguing photo. Her and John's road trip story starts on page 14 of this issue.

As I write this monthly column, I realize how fortunate we are to have things to celebrate such as awards, raffles, fairs, sailing, and travel - and have the freedom to do so.

Yes, there are many activities to enjoy in this state, but as I look forward to all of them, my joy is dulled by the situation in the Ukraine. My heart is heavy for the people there who do not have time to celebrate such events; instead, their focus is on saving their homeland, many defending it to their death.

So, I am brief this month as I view the horrors of this invasion. Please join me with your thoughts and prayers for the people of the Ukraine.


DOWNSTREAM - March into spring with these events. Page 2

BOATING - Arizona State University team sails again. Page 4

TACKLE & TARGET - Crappie fishing has some "don't do" advice. Page 8

LAND CRUISING - Grand Canyon readies for spring break visitors. Page 11

WESTERN WILDLIFE - [Why] did the bighorn sheep cross the road? Page 14

AZGFD Seeks Nominations - Who will be inducted into the AZ Outdoor Hall of Fame?

You Can Help - Assist with Arizona's outdoor recreation planning.

Arizona Renaissance Festival

Huzzah! Is Not Over - The Ren Faire merriment continues this month.

Ash Wednesday: March 2

World Wildlife Day: March 3

Daylight Savings Time Begins: March 13

St. Patrick's Day: March 17

First Day of Spring: March 20

World Water Day: March 22

Ramadan Begins at sundown: April 2

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