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Gelcoat Repair

Most-Watched New BoatUS Videos Of 2021


January 1, 2022

HOW TO -- BoatUS shows you how to use a disposable sprayer to repair gelcoat. Read story on page 5 re: how-to videos.

Here is the Top 10 list of how-to, things-you-need-to-know boating videos.

Repairing gelcoat is a common boat owner task, but it requires more than just filling in small spider cracks. "How to Spray Gelcoat on a Boat Using a Preval Sprayer," which shows how to make professional gelcoat repairs over a larger area, was the most-watched new BoatUS video of 2021, from BoatUS Magazine. The second most-watched video on the list, "Bilge Pump Not Working? Here's How To Troubleshoot the Problem" proves that even in this technological era, boaters continue to be vexed with the age-old issue of keeping water out of the boat.

Here are the boating advocacy, services and safety group's Top 10 most-watched BoatUS videos of 2021:

1. How To Spray Gelcoat on a Boat Using a Preval Sprayer

2. Bilge Pump Not Working? Here's How To Troubleshoot the Problem

3. Understanding the April 2021 Engine Cutoff Switch Law

4. Outboard Won't Start? Try These 3 Simple Fixes First

5. Replace Gaskets on Deck Hatches & Fishboxes

6. Planing Powerboat Hull Designs

7. Signs of Quality in a Boat T-Top

8. Set Fishing Reel Drag

9. Flotilla Boat Charter in the Pacific Northwest Slide Show

10. The Right Way to Use a Fishing Net

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