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December 1, 2021

This Stansport Kids Insect Catching Kit will keep your little scientist busy for hours. Add the magnifying bottle for even more fun.

Christmas Gifts For Outdoorsy Types

Need some stocking stuffer and gift ideas for your outdoorsy family and friends? Look no further – here are a bunch of great ones at all different price ranges.


STANSPORT knows it's never too early to start kids on a love for the outdoors, and they make it easy for you by providing fun stuff for your little explorers at great prices. For instance, you can get a Kids' Insect Catching Kit for $25.99 and a Kids' Magnifying Jar for 10.99. That will keep them busy for quite a while. They've also got good gear for grownups as well. Check out all their products at

STANLEY POUR-OVER I have spent a lot of time and money finding ways to make coffee on camping trips and picnics, and I've tried all sorts of things. For a long time I've been using hanging baskets and metal cups, but now I've discovered the Stanley Pour Over system. It has a fine mesh stainless steel filter and you simply spoon the coffee in, place it over a mug, and pour hot water into it. When it's done dripping, remove the Pour Over and enjoy. You can simply rinse it quickly and make more. It costs less than $15 on Amazon. It's also available as a kit with a Stanley mug that is big enough to hold 20 ounces of coffee. The kit comes in green or white and is priced at $35, again available on Amazon.

SPRO BOX Waterproof Tackle Trays aren't just for fishermen. They are tough and rugged, and the adjustable divider system means you can divide the box up a number of ways, both horizontally and vertically. Since they are waterproof, they also keep dust and dirt out, plus they won't pop open even if you drop them. They are ideal for small camping and backpacking supplies like salt and pepper packets, adhesive bandages, matches, charging cords, tea bags, coffee get the idea. The best part is the price – there are three sizes priced at $7.99 to $12.99 at

Kenny's Christmas Kit is a collection of great American-made fishing spoons by Al's Goldfish Lure Company. There's a kit ideal for panfish and trout for just $19.99 (four lures) and also a bigger kit with six lures great for bigger fish like bass and walleye. You can find them at


NOMADIK is a new twist on subscription boxes: they offer outdoor-themed boxes that you can subscribe to for 1, 6, or 12 months. One month is just $32.99. Right now they have some bundle boxes available that don't require a subscription and they look like such a fun gift. For instance, they have a buy one, get two free offer on their metal mug candles – each is like two gifts in one, since after you use up the candle you have a great outdoor-themed metal mug. Here's an example: The Parks Safari bundle box is $39.99, with a value of $51.94. It includes compact binoculars with pouch, a Parks Project Respect Bandana, an AceCamp Map Compass, and Tosi Super Bites. Go to to see all of their wonderful subscriptions and bundles.

TRUE SmartKnife – this is a small pocket knife with added features to make it a multi-tool without bulkiness and without taking away its function as a great knife. The knife houses a bottle opener, bit driver with Phillips bit, three flat head screwdrivers, 6mm-14mm wrenches, wire stripper, a pry bar, a 2" ruler, and a 5cm ruler. All of this in stainless steel frame. Priced at just $34.99, it's a very good value and a gift that any outdoors person will appreciate. You can find this knife and other TRUE tools at – search for SmartKnife.


STANLEY FRENCH PRESS is a great way to make enough coffee to fill your Stanley Thermos for the day. With a 48-ounce capacity and vacuum insulation, it would be great for home as well. It will take two of my JetBoil cups to fill it, but since that only takes a couple of minutes, I went ahead and bought one these Stanley French Presses for myself. It sure beats having to fill our thermos one cup at a time. The French Press is available for $65 in white or green at or you can get green only for $52.27 at Amazon.

BIOLITE'S AlpenGlow 500 is a 500 lumen multicolor USB lantern that also has special effects like candlelight flicker or even an aurora borealis effect. Just shake the lantern to change and choose a dimmable cool or warm white light, candle flicker, single color, multicolor, or cycling color. This lantern is dynamite for camping because it offers both ambient and task-based light, and it has a rechargeable battery. Like other fantastic BioLite products, it also has a USB-out so it can charge your phone or power BioLite SiteLights. I love my little BioLite Camping Stove, and this AlpenGlow 500 is at the top of my wish list. It's $79.95 at

MYMEDIC's new Cycle Medic first aid kit is amazing. It's packed in a small cylindrical bag that attaches easily to your bike's frame or handle bars, and I also discovered it will attach to the roof support on our Jeep so it's instantly accessible. It's designed with cyclists in mind, and has a variety of first aid supplies a cyclist or any outdoors person might need. It has everything you need to treat cuts, scrapes, blister, rashes, and everything in between. Its small size makes it perfect for your day pack or backpack as well. The Standard model is $37.46 and the pro model is $67.46. MyMedic has a huge variety of First Aid Kits and First Aid suppies. I keep one of their kits attached to my bird hunting belt and another in my day pack. We have a large one in the back of the Jeep. Check them all out at


LAKESIDE JACKET by Jack Wolfskin is a mosquito-proof cotton jacket that is UPF 40+, windproof, water-resistant, and very breathable and soft to the touch. This makes it an ideal jacket for a boater, hunter, camper, or fisherman. The men's version has four hand pockets, six chest pockets, and an inner pocket – enough pockets so a fly fisherman wouldn't need a tackle box! The women's has two hand pockets. They have adjustable hems and hoods so you can keep your field of vision, and it's nice-looking too. It costs $119 - $199.95 at

The Stanley Pour Over is a fantastic way to make up to 20 ounces of coffee at a time.

OVER $200

SOMEWEAR GLOBAL HOTSPOT is a small, simple to use, dependable hotspot that delivers a range of off-the-grid communication services by syncing with your phone. It gives you 2-way text messaging via the Somewear App, weather reports, location sharing, and user tracking. It can also serve as a stand-alone emergency transmitter that can be activated without a phone and it will track you even if you are on the move or drifting in open water. Its low-profile, waterproof case is small and convenient, and it will pair with iOS and Android with an easy-to-use mobile app. Price is $279.99 and you can learn more by going to A monthly subscription is required and prices range from $8.33/month to $50/month, and there is a one-time fee for start-up.


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