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December 1, 2021

Yankee Thunder Metal Target Stand Kit

It's that time of year again – time for a list of fantastic gifts for shooters. There are so many – for some, you will need some information about the gun: make, model, caliber, whether it has a red dot sight. Just ask your shooter – they love to talk about their guns!


WINCHESTER SILVERTIP .22 AMMO is a great stocking stuffer, making a .22 rimfire pistol a valid choice for self-defense. It's optimized for short barrels and tailored for common personal defense firearms so it delivers the velocity needed to initiate segmentation on impact. The plating provided corrosion resistance and reliable feeding so you don't have to worry about a gun jam at the worst possible moment. I had a bit of a hard time finding it, but you can buy it online from for $8.99 for a box of 50.

SNAGMAG CONCEALED MAGAZINE HOLSTER is another great small gift. This is a discreet magazine holster that lets you carry a spare mag that looks like a pocketknife. It's made in the USA and can be bought to fit just about any magazine. They run about $22 and you can get them online at

ALIEN GEAR HOLSTERS has been a favorite of mine since they introduced themselves at SHOT Show years ago. They make some of the most innovative and comfortable holsters around. Their newest brand is called WarcatTactical and they are designed and engineered for minimalists – super concealable and unbelievably reasonably priced. The Warcat IWB Holster is less than $18. Each holster is precision-molded for retention and comfort, and the claw and wedge are included. These little devices attach to your holster to help it stay against your body instead of canting outwards. Very cool. See them at

A-ZOOM Precision Snap Caps are a must-have for anyone who owns a shotgun. I don't like storing my shotguns with the spring under pressure, so when I'm done shooting for the day, I insert a snapcap and pull the trigger. Just leave it in there until you want to use the gun again. Snapcaps are necessary when practicing dry-fire drills with your pistol as well. Some manufacturers say it's okay to dry fire an empty gun, but I just don't like to. Snapcaps are cheap enough, so why take chances? Snapcaps are great for practicing weapon jams too. In classes they'll have you load another student's mag and slip a couple of snapcaps in there, so when the trigger is pulled it just clicks and nothing happens. Gives you a chance to practice your tap, rack, and roll technique. The pistol snapcaps are as low as $19.89 for twelve, and the shotgun snapcaps are around $12 to $13 depending on gauge. Get them at

SWAB-ITS are a fantastic stocking stuffer because anyone who owns a gun has to clean that gun. In the old days we used cotton patches and Q-Tips, but those have a tendency to leave fibers stuck in tight places, plus you'd go through a lot of them every time you cleaned your gun. Swab-Its are foam swabs that are re-usable. They come in a variety of sizes and lengths so you can use them to clean virtually every part of your weapon, even the bore. Their .22/.243/.30/.40 caliber rifle cleaning kit is only $22, and the handgun kit for .22 - .45 caliber is also $22. They also have a new kit for 12/20/28 gauge shotguns for $22 as well. They are a great bargain, and your shooter will absolutely love them. Buy them online at

$25 T0 $50

MAXPEDITION has a huge variety of bags, including crossbody bags, backpacks, concealed carry bags, even tote bags for shopping. They are always running BOGO sales and their stuff is tough, rugged, well-made, and a lot of it doesn't look tactical, which is great for those who would prefer to stay under the radar in public. Right now their Prepared Citizen backpack is just $49, which is a bargain for such a sturdy backpack. Check out all their bags and duffels at

MILSPIN PERSONALIZED BACK PLATES are the perfect gift for the guy who already has everything. These are made in America by veterans and they have an enormous variety of designs styles. The back plates run about $35. They also have mag base plates, most of which are about $45. If your shooter is a veteran, check out the huge variety of Armed Forces emblems they have for base plates. They also have Thin Blue Line plates and a lot more. Go to to choose the perfect one for your shooter.

$50 TO $100

ELIMISHIELD HUNT offers products for scent control – and that's important for hunters, especially archery hunters. Their combo packs include The Starter Pack with a 1ea. 24 oz unscented detergent concentrate (good for 24 loads), a 16-ounce hair and body wash, a 7-ounce Core Body Foam, and a 23-ounce Field and Gear Spray at a suggested retail price of $53.99. There are other combination packs available as well, plus you can buy the products separately, of course. Their Core Body Foam is made to control odor formed on human bodies and it's the first FDA-compliant direct-to-skin scent control. You can see the ElimiShield products at

THE STRIKEMAN SYSTEM makes at-home shooting practice easy and fun. The system includes a target, phone mount, and laser cartridge. The laser cartridge is loaded into the chamber (and that is the ONLY cartridge in the gun!). It works in conjunction with the app and a phone holder and lets you practice shooting safely in your own home. The whole system is $99. The cartridge is designed without a rim so it doesn't get ejected after firing, meaning you can just keep on going. Available are 9mm, .380 ACP, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .38 special, .357 SIG, and .223/5.56. Learn more at

YANKEE THUNDER makes steel target kits that are really ingenious. They come with hanging targets and "Hang 'N Hook" target stand brackets, along with hooks. All you do is get some one-inch conduit pipe, use the brackets to assemble the pipes into a sawhorse-shaped stand, then use the hooks to hang the targets. Now you have your own steel targets for target practice out in the desert, and when you're done it all just comes right back apart and gets stowed in the vehicle. They've got a kit called The Contender which comes with two 8-inch targets that is just $99.99 right now and as a bonus you get a free handgun sniper course. The Beginner Kit has two 4-inch targets and is priced at $69.99. They have other kits as well, with more targets and stand brackets, plus targets of different shapes and sizes you can hang from the hooks. This is such a great idea! Check it out at


SWAGGER BIPODS SEA12 (Extreme Angle) 9"-12" bipods are a splurge indeed at just under $200, but I guarantee that any big game hunter would be over the moon to find a set of these under the tree. What makes these bipods so awesome is the fact that they are flexible so that you can follow the game without losing the stability of having your gun on a bipod. You really have to see them in action to understand just what a game-changer they are. They also make longer bipods perfect for sitting and glassing, as well as shooting. Check them out at


RAPID® SAFE NIGHT GUARD by Hornady is a fantastic gift for a shooter who needs to keep his home defense pistol away from kids but readily accessible. Looking like a typical alarm clock, this safe can be bolted down or use the included cable to keep it where you want it. There are three ways to open the safe: an RFID reader, user programmed access code, or mechanical key. It functions as a clock and even has two USB ports so you can charge your phone at night. AC and battery power make sure the contents are protected 24/7. The inside dimensions are 2.2" X 9.2" X 6.9" so it can hold your handgun with room for valuables as well. This is a great little safe that lets you keep a handgun hidden in plain sight. The price of the safe is $323.99. Go to!/ to see it in action.


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