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Arizona Wildlife



November 1, 2021


Arizona has one of the most dynamic ecosystems in the world! Arizona ranks among the top 5 states for the number of native birds, reptiles, and mammal species and is in the top 10 for overall diversity of vertebrates. Arizona provides a unique outdoor experience, whether it's hiking, kayaking, fishing or wildlife doesn't get any better than recreating outdoors in Arizona.

Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) is a critical resource for the future of Arizona wildlife. Their essential work, across the state of Arizona, to conserve and manage Arizona's diverse wildlife resources is key to our ability to enjoy the resource and recreation opportunities now, and also highlights our responsibility to provide these special experiences for future generations.

Incredibly, AZGFD approaches this expansive mission without receiving any funds from the state's general fund for its operations. Instead, AZGFD is a highly efficient agency that is primarily self-funded through hunting and fishing licenses and permit fees for all of its current programs.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization since 1990, Wildlife for Tomorrow (WFT) has been a proud partner with AZGFD, working to provide funds to advance key programs and initiatives beyond AZGFD's self-funding capacity.

WFT continues to support vitally important AZGFD projects in the following 4 key areas:

OUTDOOR HERITAGE - through educational programing and recreational access opportunities.

WILDLIFE EDUCATION - through online wildlife cameras and wildlife center improvements.

WILDLIFE CONSERVATION - by increasing native fish populations, habitat enhancements and wildlife conservation program support.

STEWARDSHIP AND COMMUNITY - projects that support and encourage AZGFD volunteer programs.


MAKE A CONTRIBUTION TODAY! By supporting Wildlife for Tomorrow, you join the community of biologists, hunters, hikers and wildlife enthusiasts that share your passion for Arizona's natural resources and appreciate Arizona's unique outdoor environments. Your contribution will help to advance essential projects - today - for the management, use, conservation and enjoyment of wildlife for tomorrow.

Together In Conservation,

Larry Voyles

President, WFT Board of Directors

Former Executive Director of AZGFD

Wildlife For Tomorrow


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