Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

Kelsee At Luna Lake

She Went Catchin'!

We Had A Delicious Dinner From Luna Lake

And we salute a beautiful Arizona town nearby.

By Kelsee P. Haws

Kelsee Haws, Mesa, Ariz., says "I hooked roughly a 10 1/2 inch cutthroat trout using an Abu Garcia - Black Max 6'6" pole with a double Power Bait egg setup. A garlic red salmon egg was stacked on over a garlic rainbow glitter power egg. This fish was a fun fight and I was appreciative of the sacrifice made for the game and the food it provided."

Haws continued, "From lake to plate in three hours, my wife Syklar Mahaffey and I completed this beautiful fishing tradition. We cooked our catches in a tin foil wrap on a little portable propane grill. The fish was seasoned with half a lemon, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper. We then stuffed slices of lemon and butter into the fish to keep the fish moist when cooked in the tin foil.

"When the tin foil was opened and the fish was placed on the plate, my fork literally melted through the fish, and the meat just fell on to the plate. It was absolutely an amazing dinner provided by nature that evening!"

Looking To Visit Alpine, Ariz.?

After our weekend adventure up to Luna Lake and this beautiful town, we instantly became fans. It has one gas station and one grocery store and residents pride themselves on being a peaceful retreat. This town is certainly a hidden gem and it deserves to stay hidden except to those who love the outdoors and the beauty of the past. This town is located right on the border of New Mexico and is about a 4 hour and 30 minute drive from Phoenix.

What makes Alpine so special? What is better than being able to star gaze at night while hearing the elk in the distance? Being able to hunt big game and watch 100 different bird species while in one of the largest Ponderosa pine forests? You can bait and fly fish, kayak, and boat in nearby lakes and streams. Alpine features a year-round adventure with outdoor sports all spring, summer, and fall including hiking, biking, ATV touring, and auto touring through their evergreen forests and meadows.

Winter sports include cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, and downhill skiing at Sunrise Ski Resort , located 30 miles northwest towards Greer. For the best information on this town, I recommend visiting their website http://www.alpinearizona.com for the best updates and history on this beautiful place!


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