Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

On The Cover September 2021

She Went Catchin'!

Kelsee Haws shows the fish that she caught in Luna Lake; it later became part of a delicious meal. Her outdoors experience is typical of many throughout the state and one of those that we can continue to enjoy even if pandemic restrictions return. (Please, no!)

In fact, a whole new group of women anglers will probably be inspired by the great program "Becoming An Outdoors Woman" to be held in Prescott, Ariz., later this month. And, fishing is just one focus of the event; it includes hiking, archery, outdoor cooking, etc. - literally a buffet of outdoor experiences and learning to savor .

And, as many wonderful opportunities that our outdoors offer, there are also dangers in the wild. Margie Anderson offers a great summary of what to watch for and what to do if you encounter a problem. She ends her article with a note about a basic kit that she and her husband take with them whenever they leave their vehicle and set out on foot. Great advice!

So, as always, continue to enjoy and treasure what the outdoors offers you. However, be safe and responsible as you do.


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